06/27/04: "Take a hanky."

Jeremy said, "Make sure you take a hanky" as I left brunch to see Jesus Hopped the A Train at the Wilma Theater in Philly today. I grabbed a couple napkins and walked out the door.

I'm glad I did.

Holy good Lordy, this was the most powerful piece of theater I've ever seen EVER. I was knocked firmly on my ass by the acting, the direction, the sound queues, the lighting, the whole package was simply perfection. I cried a few times, but not because what they were saying was sad or tugging on a heartstring, but because it was just so f-ing powerful and passionate and heavy. Two grown dudes in jail screaming from the pits of their souls debating the existence of God (yes, I know there's no predicate there). My poor ant-man was banged up as it was, and giving it this to chew on was just... WHOA.

Felt good.

Sadly, today's performance was the closing show. If you didn't get to see it, the angels are weeping for you.

Afterwards, much cow, broccoli, berries and chocolate in many forms were consumed.

I was totally wiped out after dinner... the combination of having eaten just one bite too much, still not being fully adjusted to my timezone (so much for my "jetlag is for wimps" theory) and not sleeping as well as I could have last night just rendered me kinda soggy. Alas, we shuffled off to Iron Hill at the waterfront to celebrate Genevieve's birthday, where lettuce wraps, amaretto, pool and cake from Sweeney's was to be had. I ducked out early though it was good to see everyone.

In other news, I'm headed up to NJ to visit the folks. I figure I'll be up there until Thursday or so, but if they make me mental (or if they make me feel great) I'll shorten/lengthen my stay as necessary. I don't have anywhere to be until the afternoon of the 5th, really.

Jeremy's loaning me a laptop so I can get my writing done, so I should be fairly accessible via email... though SMS is always a sure bet.

OK... It's almost 5:30am, and I wanted to write about JillSummit 2004 which apparently happened while I was out of town. Alas, it's a little bit involved and the sun is coming up which means the birds will be starting any second, so I should get to bed now while I can. But this little placeholder here will just remind me to write about the conversation I had with Trainor at Iron Hill.