06/29/04: At the 'rents

I drove up to my folks' place yesterday to get some R&R. The drive was uneventful, except for me realizing I left my EZ Pass in John's car... d'oh. Luckily he said it was in the mail along with the other stuff I couldn't fit in my luggage, so I should have it soon, making the southbound ride home speedy-good.

It's both good and bad to be at my folks' house. There's something so comforting about my room... it's essentially the same as it was the day I left for college. The same posters are on the walls and ceiling, my black and white photos that won the 1989 state photo competition are hanging over my stereo which is brimming with vinyl goodness. All of your favorite hits from The Dead Milkmen, Asia, Billy Joel (shaddap, you), and I think I even have some Journey. Woooooooooo!

Before you go thinking my record collection sucks (which, it does), please bear in mind that my brother, two years my elder, was the music-buyer of the household, so I only bought the stuff that he wouldn't be caught dead with (Billy Joel excepted... I wanted my own copies of his stuff). But most of my musical influences come from him, and the day he moved out with his CDs, records and tapes, I was a sad, sad girl. He's got one of the most extensive music collections I've ever seen.

It's amazing how my parents' house sucks the life out of you. When I'm not here, the thoughts of going home comforts me, makes me all warm and gooshy and happy... but once I get here, I realize my parents are old, and they bicker over the most basic things. My mom doesn't feel like wearing her glasses, so she doesn't see that there's some slop on the kitchen counter, which my dad sees from across the room and then gets angry that my mom is lazy for not cleaning it up. It's one thing if you see the slop and don't clean it up; it's another if you don't know it's there. So, while these aren't earthshattering arguments, it's enough to just be annnoying and I find myself playing gentle referee, which, frankly, isn't why I came up here.

It is nice to see my dad keeping busy, though. He runs a classic car show a few times per year, and the next one is coming up in a few weeks. He's been doing this for about 7 or 8 years now, and it brings him joy while is also a slight pain in the arse. Either way, if it keeps him from rotting in the TV chair, it's good with me.

Last night I had a really solid night with mom and my cousin Dell. Dell is currently undergoing chemo for breast cancer, and she's handling it like a pro. She looks a bit like Don Rickles in drag, but she's laughing about it and is feeling good despite it all. The three of us stayed up late doing what we always do... drinking coffee and playing Rummy Tiles and yapping about life, the universe and everything. Nights like this used to be common in my younger days living at home; various family members (mom's side) coming over, and staying up late playing cards. Now that I don't live as close, having the stars align to allow for such festivity makes it even that much cooler.

Dell is 59, and she has the life I always thought I wanted... but now am pretty sure I don't. She never got married, she never had kids; she just wanted to do her own thing without having to answer to anyone. Last night we were talking about this, and she said that only now that she has cancer does she regret her decision to stay single. I imagine going though chemo solo isn't the easiest thing, even if you are surrounded by family and friends. It's still got to feel lonely.

Tonight I'm rescuing my most excellent pal Liz from the rigors of motherhood and we're gonna go see what's what. Liz has been my best pal since 4th grade, and we even roomed together in college. We lost touch a bit when I moved to Arizona and she got married, but we have one of those friendships where we just pick up where we left off as if only 10 minutes has passed. Liz gets me and she always hears me out, and I cherish that. I don't think many people do, though they claim to have me all figured out. Grrrr.

Tomorrow: boating with Dad; tomorrow night, meeting my college boyfriend's new boyfriend.   Jill Knapp: changing the lives of men forever.   :-D

In other news, thanks to my dad being a gadget freak, he just happened to have about 47 different card readers that easily read the Mosko-Digicam's contents, so I finally got to see what the roadtrip photos look like. Most came out fine, though there was one really beautiful shot which I was hoping would come out, and it's nowhere to be found. Not sure what happened there. Anyhoo, I'll post the photos one of these days.

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish today tells me that I am: Indifferent. Yep, sounds about right.