07/06/04: zoom-a-doo

Quick like a bunny:

Got noooooooooooooo sleep last night (okay, 90 minutes) so was blecchy worthless all morning. In my deliciously unemployed state, I figured I would nap by the pool as opposed to napping my my bed. Swam some laps, slathered on the SPF 30 and am now a deeper, darker, more savagely tropical version of myself. Why is it that this summer I tan like a freak, when the last 33 years of my life I either reflected the sun or was burnt to a crisp in moments?

Realized I lost my sunglasses (yes, the prescription ones I just purchased 3 weeks ago), but thanks to the fine Americans at Lenscrafters, I got my new sunglasses in about an hour. Wheee!

Had my first rehearsal for The Boy who was Born with a Tail, which is part of City Theater's 10-Minute Play Festival for which I have been recruited. Good rehearsal; there are only two people involved in the show I don't know. I was very excited to read that my streak of never having yet done a stage kiss will not be broken in either show... though this one comes close (one of those come-within-a-millimeter-of-smooching-and-someone-interrupts dealies). Gotta preserve the last of my virginity, yo. ;-)

Talked to the Ninja tonight for the first time since the big goodbye in Phoenix. Was so good to talk to him, to reconnect as much as present conditions permit. Moments after I dialled him, the Bellefonte fire whistle went off, and it was just a funny moment to picture the before and after maps of the distance between our living quarters. Before we were separated by a measly 3 blocks, though it might as well been a continent since we didn't know the other existed prior to March; and now 3000 miles. It's weird to drive past his place and instinctively look for his car or his bedroom light... both are absent. While on some trips I drive by it as if it was 4 months ago... I forget to notice the hole and find myself thinking, "Who lives there, I wonder?"

Anyway, must finish packing to get ready for the second roadtrip of the summer... this one also driven by a doctor, alas, this one's a PhD in Cartography. This trip is also goal-oriented and not particularly leisurely; we're documenting state tri-points and have a bunch to hit during daylight hours. Camping at night will rock, to be sure. Pictures will be plentiful.

OK, so if you want to rob my house, again, now would be a great time. I have no valuables, but I do have two overflowing bags of Trader Joe's food, so help yourself. I also have about 43,000 bottles of wine, so please, indulge. Corkscrew is in the drawer to the left of the oven. :-)

See you on the 10th, yo.