07/10/03: Popular Jill (and this is Buenos Aires)

Did you ever have one of those days when you're just kind of popular? I know that sounds terribly high-schoool cheerleadery, and I don't mean it like that. I just noticed that today, people who I'm usually only casually friendly with were going out of their way to be extra chatty, and in some cases, even invited me to hang out. Very odd.

My awesome church choir is going on a 2-week tour of England starting next week. I'm unfortunately unable to go, but I'm still attending rehearsals since we have an Evensong this Sunday night as sort of a send-off gig and a way to say thank you to the people who helped fund the trip. Anyhoo, tonight was a regular old choir rehearsal, and as I was walking out (normally I make a pretty non-chatty exit), the way-cool Wally and the festive/chatty soprano Lauren (I think that's her name) stopped me in the parking lot and we were yapping about transsexuals. Once I left them, I was stopped by Berna the alto who wanted to tell me about her metatarsal fracture and her re-doing her will before the trip. When I finally got in my car, Dan (another tenor whose three cool daughters also sing in the choir) asked me if I wanted to tag along to Gallucio's with them. It was if he was waiting in his van for me to get done yapping so he could ask, because as soon as I gracefully declined (I was meeting up with Chris and pals soon) he drove away. Hmm!

I dunno. I just felt popular. The choir seems to be geniunely bummed (as am I) that I'm not going on the trip. And outside of choir, at work today, we were particularly social and friendly. Wacky. It's nice to feel liked. :-)

I've been itching to buy a house again. I go through these cycles where I really want a house, and then I really don't want a house, and then I really want one again. There are two that have my eye, and for some reason neither of them are selling very fast which either tells me that they suck completely, or that they are cosmically waiting for me to buy one of them. One of them is quite literally directly across the street from me. I would need no moving van, not even to borrow a friend's truck. You just walk stuff across the street. That house is not particularly expensive and the guys who used to live there were nifty artist guys, so I know the house has happy vibes in it. The house needs some love-- new siding, probably new windows. But it's got a new roof, new A/C, new heater, phatty electric, so there's that. The other house is probably more house than I need. It's on the same street where Jerm lives, and it's got all new stuff. New siding, new roof, new everything, it's even got a really cute porch. It's about 30K more than the house across the street from me, so ya know. There's the cashola consideration. Or I could just keep renting and shut up about it. Hmmm.

Anyhoo, I'm starving my head off, so I'm gonna eat something. I can't stop eating corn on the cob, so I think I'm gonna nuke me up a couple ears. Tomorrow night I've got the WDL end-of-season bash, which should be a really good time. I really dig these folks! :-)