07/12/04: running the risk of seeming narcissistic...

Auditioned for BatBoy: The Musical tonight at City Theater. They requested a ballad and an uptempo Broadway tune, so I sang I'm Gonna Be Strong by Cyndi Lauper (it's got a totally killer ending), and Johnny One Note from the show Babes in Arms (a totally cheezoid Broadway schmaltz-fest).

I taped my audition so I could hear objectively how I did, and I'm reasonably happy with the result. I wasn't in the best voice, mainly because of my Hearn-like state from the night before, but hey, all things considered, I'm happy with it. I think this recording sounds a little more shouty than it actually was, because I don't remember pushing all that hard... but who knows. Tapes don't lie, but acoustics also do funny things. Whatever, I'm not complaining or making excuses... this is me in all my imperfect, human glory. :-)   It's sung from the heart (very, very much from the heart), so that's what counts, I guess.   Anyway, here 'tis. (and if you listen closely at the end, you hear the director say, "Awesome." Glad I caught that on tape, because I missed it in person. Whee, validation! [smirk])

Yep, I admit to putting the mics a little too close to the piano, but hey, it was an audition. Didn't want to be obvious about it. ("Excuse me while I set up these boom mics and get some levels, here.")

Cyndi Lauper - I'm Gonna Be Strong

I can see
You're slipping away from me
And you're so afraid
That I'll plead with you to stay
But I'm gonna be strong
And let you go your way

Love is gone
There's no sense in holding on
And your pity now
Would be more than I could bear
So I'm gonna be strong
And pretend i don't care

I'm gonna be strong
And stand as tall as i can
I'm gonna be strong
And let you go along
And take it like a man

When you say it's the end
I'll hand you a line
I'll smile and say
Don't you worry it's fine
And you'll never know darling
After you kiss me goodbye
How I'll break down and cry

Anyhoo, I'm waiting for the rest of my pals (Kathy B., Blatt, Genevieve, Georgie and Christurner) to finish their auditions, and then we're heading off to Stanley's, where I will not drink. :-)

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish today tells me that I am: Indifferent.   Surprise, surprise. :-)

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish today tells us that our special guest star Chris Turner is: Passionate. That bizzle curled right up!   Whoa.