07/13/04: Elam and Steve

Not much to report... pretty uneventful day, spent sorting through stuff, baking, thinking about how I will spend my last few days of unemployment, yadda^3.

Had rehearsal tonight for both The Boy Who was Born with a Tail and The Wall; both went very well. Convenient to have them both in the same building. I'm a little nervous about the other 10-minute play I'm in for the festival, as we haven't had a rehearsal yet, and the lines/patter are tricky.

My cell phone rang while I was in rehearsal, and it turned out to be my old boss Ron, telling me about a killer job in Phoenix and also to follow up (yet again) on the gig in Austin to see if I'm still interested. (Uh, why did you guys lay me off again if you have all this work?) Anyway, I have a meeting with him in the morning to talk about the opportunities in more detail, and then I'm off to ISI to rehash the offer they gave me to see if I can get any movement there, and to then weigh my options. I must say, I am slightly regretting leaving Indenture, if only because of the 5 weeks vacation they gave me plus all the opportunities to work from home or move around the planet.

Anyhoo, after rehearsal we adjourned to Iron Hill at the Riverfront where we sat on the upper deck and enjoyed the night and martinis (I had a raspberry lemonade one which was quite tasty), lettuce wraps and witty repartee as only mah peepz can deliver. It was great to hang out with them... geez, I feel like I haven't seen Blatt in eons.

Memo to self: Don't get their artichoke dip.

Talked to Paula a bit more about her super-cool hair, and I think I'm gonna do it tomorrow. It'll be a big change, but what the heck. I'm loving the fact that I have a gray freak-streak in my hair naturally, so why not let that bizzle show? Ah, impulsiveness...

Steve We leaves for a two-week family visit to Iowa tomorrow morning, so he's promised to email me midwestern observations so I can host a little Steve-blog for him here. He's dreading the trip... I believe he said he'd rather shave his head with a cheese grater while chewing on tin foil than sit in Iowa for 2 weeks. We encouraged him to dress up an ear of corn and take it on his travels, take pictures with it, talk to it, ya know, become a cherished friend to the lonely maize. We'll see how he fares. :-)

Oh yeah, christurner sent over pictures from Brian Elam's goodbye party, and they've been carefully vetted and posted. I hope Brian has landed safely in Tempe... can't wait to check out his digs when I'm out there in December (that is, assuming Cappella Sonora is doing our annual Christmas gig at Brophy this year). I hope he calls my friends out there, especially Danielle.

Holy crap, is it really 4:00am??!

Must sleep; grabbing breakfast with Trainor in the morning before my work-negotiation day starts. Yow!