07/19/04: list-o bit o' this...

I don't have tremendously much to update y'all on. Under these circumstances, faithful readers know to expect the listo.

[1]: Get your phatasses to Delaware on August 13-14 to see an exceptional one-weekend only live performance of Pink Floyd's The Wall, done in its entirety. Multimedia, tall things, crashing things, blowing up things, all executed by people who know what they're doing.
It will be pleasantly loud. It is accurate, it is musically satisfying, and there will be drinky-drinky.
I promise, it will feel good pretend you're 16, misunderstood and pissed off again. So, put on your best rocker scowl and raise your punching devil-horn fists and come see it.
I'm one of the backup singers. It rules. Very proud of it.
For more info (directions, yadda3), visit the WDL website, as that's the venue.

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish today tells me that I am: In Love.   Hmmm. :-)