07/22/04: jill + steve update

This morning I had the exquisite pleasure of going to the Delaware Department of Labor to file for unemployment. Even though I've not been working since 6/16, DEDoL doesn't let you double-dip by collecting unemployment and a severance at the same time. Having just recently gone through the unemployment process, BT told me to get to the DEDoL office at the crack of dawn. Alas, since I've gotten about 7 hours sleep total for the last 48 hours, dawn crack rising (rising!) wasn't in the cards.

Of course, nothing gets me moving faster than realizing all too late that I forgot to call off the cleaning ladies. I was blissfully snoozing when I woke up in a panic, realizing Holy crap! It's Thursday!. I dove into the shower and they knocked on my door just as I was putting on pants. While I drove to the DEDoL, I found it disgusting that I was about to ask for unemployment checks while I was paying cleaning ladies to scrub my kitchen floor. Like I said, I just forgot to cancel them. I really do know my priorities, Mom. :-)

Anyway, the unemployment process was completely painless; well, with the exception of finding out that I'm eligible for the maximum benefit: $297/week. That's $1200/month. My rent is $815. You can do the rest of the math. Sadly, unemployment does not let me live in a manner to which I am accustomed. :-)   They had me fill out my resume electronically so I could query their job database and find me a job, and they didn't have anything that paid within $25K of what I made. Though they did advertise a job picking pineapples, and I must say there is something very attractive about that.

It's all moot anyway. I got a note from my future manager at ISI saying that they're moving ahead and they want to hire me as a consultant (1099) for a nice hourly rate for 25-30 hours per week for starters, and then once stuff kicks into high gear with the client, then they'd move me over to a full-time employee. But really, I might just fight to stay on as a consultant-- I can make my own hours that way. Of course, as a 1099 employee I'd also have to deal with all of the pain in the hiney taxes, but hey, it'd be worth it to be able to work from anywhere with a 'net connection again.

In other news, I made a great batch of salsa today. I made it garlic-free, and I think the world is a better place for it. The salsa tends to taste better after it's been in the fridge for a day or two; it's not quiiiiite as crunchy that way. I don't like it mushy, but too crunchy can be not-so-ideal, too. If it isn't perfect by tomorrow noon, I'll pop it in the freezer-- those cell walls won't stand a chance.

In still other news: I think Pegasus Mail (my email app) has been wonky, unbenknownst to me., I sent my future boss an email last night and he said he received it six times (good way to make someone trust your technical skills). Others have alluded that they have sent me things, yet I haven't seen any evidence of them. I did all the usual diagnostics and preventative maintenance one does to PMail and all reports came back saying, "Everything looks good, yo." So I am perplexed. My bro alerted me that there is a slightly newer version of the app available, so I'm installing that bizzle tonight. So please accept my apologies if I've sent you 73 copies of an email. Also, please accept my apologies if I ask you if you sent me something. I'm not nagging you to send me mail, I'm just making sure I've got what I think you mentioned.

Tonight, I hung with Boutell as the recipient of a reward by proxy. He had a little contest in his livejournal called "Out of Context Theater" where friends had to guess under what exact circumstances a certain oddball phrase was uttered. The winner of the contest was a friend of his from Seattle, so she graciously passed her reward of a super-tasty dinner at Gianna's Grille to someone more local.   I'm not sure exactly how I was chosen to be the recipient since I don't know this Seattle-ite, but I'm not complaining.   Gianna's is incredible: a menu of vegetarian, vegan and totally carniverous items, outrageous vegan desserts (yummy black forest brownie!) served to punkrockers, in a little space that is also home to the coolest bathroom door and sink. I shall be returning, I'm sure. Anyhoo, Boutsie and I decided to make an evening of it and saw The Terminal (movie was pleasantly directed but written horrifically... I had hopes) at The Bridge Cinema in University City. Where has that place been all my life?

The cinema is attached to a Marathon Grill which had a patio full of people. However, the cinema has its own funky bar/lounge itself, called 12. Absolutely loved it, as all of the lemmings were at the Marathon Grill, so 12 Lounge was saved for those in the know. I was glad we had about 90 minutes to kill before the movie started, as we took full advantage of the place: fab decor, pods, generous sprinkling of flat-screen TVs looping video clips, great music, stiff drinks served by a hip friendly bartender who said it was his second day on the job. It gave us plenty of time to talk about the state of the state(s), beverage snobbery vis-a-vis D&D, and a little lj surprise about to be launched into space. Was much fun, and we'll surely do it again.

Busy weekend coming up with Knappuccino's, tech for the 10-minute plays, The Wall rehearsal and the director of Batboy asking me to sing for him again.

Anyway, it is now the third night in a row where it's 4:00am and I am not in bed. This must stop. So, I will kiss the stars as instructed and hit the hay.

I leave you with this...


July 18th, 2004

Dear All,

I went with my parents and my sister to Luther College where my niece has been attending music camp for a month.  We were to stay there for a couple of days, as the festival culminated in three days of concerts and worship services.  That is fine. I like concerts; I like church--I am a church junkie.  

When my mother informed me that all four of us would be sharing one (1) room at motel, I didn't fully understand the gravity of the situation.  Four adults (?) and one bathroom?  To grasp the reason why four adults would share one motel room, one would have to ponder the two guiding principles that govern Midwest Small-town thinking: "Waste not" and "Control thyself."  It would be wasteful for us to get more than one room.  After all, we just going to sleep there.  And why go to all the expense and bother of getting another room?  Are you too good for us, or what?

My parents are not poor, but certain things still floor them--such as the price of a hotel room.  They believe a motel room should have a shower, a bed and walls...maybe.  Things like comfort, modernity, style, space--none of these things are part of the equation.  So, there we were like pigs in a blanket.

The only thing I learned from this temporary living situation was the value of a good set of earplugs.  Oh, yeah.  

The motel offered $3.75 off a hot breakfast served at the adjoining "restaurant" (and I use this term loosely).  My parents have an unnatural love of anything that comes free and would gladly use up a tank of gas to get something free.  There's an old adage that says, "You get what you pay for."  To a great extent, this old adage is true.  It was a horrible establishment that smelled of smoke and stale grease.  Yet, my father greeted this cafe with the joy one would reserve for meeting a long, lost relative one thought dead or lost at sea.  The food was crap...but it was free.  You can argue the value of getting free food if it's not worth anything to begin with.  And after you get done arguing that point, you can argue with the wind.

Pray for me.

-Steve We.
Your Iowa Boy

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish today tells me that I am: In Love.   I think I need to turn up my A/C. :-)