08/02/04: callbacks

This morning, Trainor and Paula swung by and we went to Old Navy and Target to get some new duds... Joe needed a black shirt for The Wall, and I needed a couple of shirts and stuff.  When I got home and was trying stuff on, I realized I needed a cool chunky necklace, but didn't have one (I don't have much in the way of jewelry).  I dug through my jewelry box (I never open it) and found this reeaaaally cool earrings/brooch/pendant set that belonged to my great Aunt Rosalee.  She lived in California my whole life and died when I was in high school, so I never really knew her.  I visited her in 1985 when my family drove across country and she gave me this cool set of jewelry, but at the time I thought it was the most hideous crizzap I'd ever seen... and I threw it my jewelry box and left it there for the last 19 years.  And now, having just rediscovered it, I think it's beyond cool.  I strung the pendant on an old silver chain I doubled up, and it's this funky choker thing now.  Eeee, I feel so funkiii.  Kinda cool that I'll be wearing it in California... this thing has travelled almost 6000 miles between wearings.  :-)

Speaking of California, I'm flying out on Wednesday to see The Ninja, and I'm very, very excited about it.  Sometimes it feels like I just saw him yesterday, and other times it feels like an eternity.  Either way, it's been too long, so I'm happy we could find some time.  Also looking forward to meeting Soren's girlfriend Kathryn, who is really one of the rockinest chicks around.  I only know her via LiveJournal, but I can tell she's really fantastic. Any chick who thinks Goatse and Tubgirl are funny is aces in my book.

I'm not really sure what's on the San Francisco agenda.  John's had a slew of visitors over the past week, and I'm sure the last thing he needs is to worry about being entertaining. Either way, I'm sure whatever we do will be terrific. Lots of rockin' to do in the SF.

Anyway, I have about 987,000 errands I need to run tomorrow plus packing, so send me vibes of efficency tomorrow.  :-)

OK, now I have just an hour left to learn my BatBoy audition music.  I am such a 'tard.  Good thing I'm a good sightreader.

Will post more later and letcha know how callbacks go.  

11:56pm:   Okay... just got back from BatBoy callbacks at City Theater and the Iron Hill jaunt that followed.  In a nutshell, I was read/sung for one role only: the role of Meredith, the mother.  I did as well as I could have done for someone with a music degree who obviously didn't prepare.  So I wasn't rock solid like the other auditioners who have been listening to the CD for 3 months and have memorized every nuance, but I held my own and I think I gave a decent showing.  If I get the part, great.  If not, great; I'm absolutely happy either way.  If I don't get it (a) I know it's my own stupid fault, and (b) I am absolutely honored to have lost it to whom I would be losing it.  Karen is a goddess.

I do believe the role is probably a tad too high for me to feel completely mindlessly comfortable, and I was harping on that fact pretty heavily tonight at dinner. Genevieve, however, slapped my ass back into reality and said, "Yo Idiot, you used to sing the damn Queen of the Night aria from The Magic Flute in college [which continuously slams an F above high C: sheer insanity], so don't tell me that something an octave and half lower is too high. OK, maybe you're not in the same vocal shape that you were in college, but *GASP!*, you might actually have to, I dunno, work for something, and hmmm, apply yourself and OH NO, grow a bit. Oh, the horror!!"

I love Genevieve.   That bizzle tells it like it is.  :-)

Anyhoo, speaking of Mozart and stuff we used to sing in college, The link above is to a version of The Queen of the Night aria from The Magic Flute. If you're unfamiliar with the opera, it's worth the 2.5 minutes to listen to this track. The aria is so impossible that this pro chick on this recording doesn't even nail this shit dead-accurately. (Not to imply that I ever did either, good lordy.) When I really think about it, it is unfathomably amazing that the vocal mechanism, which is nothing more than some little fleshy things, can produce any sound at all, let alone something so big and beautiful, and then so achingly soft and sweet.

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish today tells me that I am: Passionate.   Bowr chicka bowr bowwrrrrrr...