08/03/04: mishmash

As per my usual fashion, it is very early on the morning of my flight somewhere, and I have not yet begun to pack. I leave for San Francisco in less than 10 hours (Eeeeeeeeee!), yet I'm sitting here typing this and my clothes are strewn about on my bed.

I don't have a problem with priorities, what makes you say that?

The Wall: Latest Pictures (and sound!)

Tonight's rehearsal for The Wall rocked. Jeremy came to watch and he took pictures, video clips and recorded the audio as well. Here are a few of the cooler ones.. he took over 200 shots, but sorry folks, it's 2:47am, so this is all you get.

Oh, and two sound clips. These were taken with Jeremy's camera, believe it or not.

  • Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2
  • Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2, Joe Testa's guitar solo snippet

    Meet Rob Edsall: Geography Wonk and Way Cool Guy

    My pal Rob spent the majority of his summer traveling around the country in his trusty Subaru Forester, trying to visit as many of the United States' 65 tri-points as he could.

    He was scheduled to be driving through South Dakota in early July, and South Dakota is the home of my favorite place in the whole world: The Cosmos Mystery Area. When he mentioned he was going to swing by The Cosmos, we decided I simply had to tag along for the ride. I mean dude. Seriously.

    Anyhoo, Rob's kept a really great travelogue, which is just as entertaining as it is informative from a geography/cartography perspective. (He's a GIS / Cartography professor at Arizona State University.) He just updated it today with the portion of the trip I was in on, so natch, I wanted to share.

  • His website
  • The tri-point portion of his site
  • And where I join the trip (because I am, you know, the center of the universe [not to be confused with either of the Geographical Centers of the US])


    OK, see you all Sunday.   Again, if you want to rob my house, now is the time.  Hey thieves! Over here!

    Fortune Teller Miracle Fish today tells me that I am: A Dead One.   I need to sleeeeeeeeep!