08-17-07: random stuff

In an effort to update this thing more often, I figured I'll bore you with some minutia. Who doesn't love minutia? Oh BOY!

I've been working on the new version of The Industrial Jazz Group website. The old one is still up, and it's here. But the prototype version is here, and it'll be further updated within the next two weeks.

I was shooting for something kinda fancy and neat in an effort to teach myself the not-very-hard-but-still-elusive-to-lazy-old-1997-me CSS, but in an effort to just get something up quickly, Matt created a basic skeleton for me, and I then tweaked the heck out of it. It's not fancy, but it's not totally sucktastic either. And it's better than what we had by far, so yeah.

IJG has a few things coming up, and I'm excited about 'em. We're doing a few dates in the midwest in September, and then a few dates in NYC at the end of October. I made a good contact at WXPN, and they're interested in us playing at , which holycrap is our total target demographic.

Work has me traveling a lot lately. I'm in Miami Beach (well, the airport anyway) right now, and I've been teaching in the peri-Bostonular area a lot lately. I'm headed to Westborough (MA) week after next, and I'll probably be back in Franklin (MA) in a few weeks after that. There are rumors of me teaching a course in the UK (rock!), and soon I'm going to the exciting burbs of Winnipeg, Austin, Ottowa, Vancouver, Edmonton and lovely downtown Falls Church, VA (home of the
best thai food EVER) too. I love the frequent flyer miles, I will say that.

All this flying makes me worry about deep vein thrombosis; one of our consultants very recently had a DVT travel to his lung and he almost died... DO NOT WANT. I've been taking ginger root and a baby aspirin for a while now, and so far I'm not dead, so I guess that counts for something. Or nothing.

In other news, the Powerball jackpot has gotten huge-- like 200 million. While I'm not really a lottery believer, there is a teeny part of me that wants to buy tickets. I am embarrassed by this fact. Don't tell anyone.

OK folks. I've got nothin'. Smell you later.

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish today tells me: I'm indifferent. Meh, whatevah.