08/19/03: ||: Ow, quit it. Ow, quit it. Ow, quit it. :||

Worked a 15 hour day yesterday. Haven't pulled one of them in a while... today I did a measley 11. I'm not gonna get into it lest I bore you with my whining, but suffice it to say that everyone who gets infected with a computer virus can all just bite me. How hard is it to keep your virus definitions up to date (clicking "Live Update" is so traumatic, I know), and running a stupid patch that takes all but one click and literally 9 seconds out of your life? I'm so tired of the lame-ass excuses as to why people can't execute the simplest of instructions... "Oh, I couldn't hit the Live Update server because it said my version of Norton AntiVirus was from 1995."   "Oh, I was too busy--- I didn't have time to run this stuff." Yeah? Like Joe, Spare, Keith and I had the time to be running around my office last night at 2:00am? Nice.

OK, I'm done complaining. I shouldn't whine... the OT is good for me now and then. Builds character or something. :-)

Anyway, at 1:30am, you start having conversations with your teammates that you normally wouldn't have. (So, do you think you're ever gonna get married?   What's the difference between self-preservation and being selfish?   Who would want to be a proctologist and just have a face full of ass all the time?)   Though really, nothing is really off limits with these guys. Like I've said before, this group is like family to me. I would give them a kidney if they needed it, and I mean that sincerely. I've never worked with a more talented gang. They have the best attitudes, they can laugh even when faced with the most extreme forms of suckitude, and they love food. They're super-professional, super-efficient, and just super-cool. Anyhoozle, my boss is in town this week, and it's good to have him around. He's taking us all to the movies just to have a goof-off night tomorrow night-- we're going to see Freddy vs. Jason. We have a 'dead-guy pool' to bet on how many people get killed. Very professional; very mature! :-)   (Jill and Keith say, "Uh, couldn't we go see something at Theater N?")

So, in other news completely... I lost 10 pounds out of nowhere. This past weekend I noticed that my clothes were a bit looser... and then the other day when I was carrying my laundry, my hip was killing me because it suddenly had less padding. Chris even mentioned that I looked thinner Friday night. Shyte. When I did Jesus Christ Superstar back in January, I got down to like 121 which is dangerously thin for me. Most chicks who are 5'4-ish like me are solid at 125 or so, but I'm pretty scrawny at that number. My weight is deceiving because my bones are so dense from bearing so much weight for so long; so what reads 125 is in actuality much less meat than I should have. Go figure.

Anyhoo, so I need to be extra vigilant about making sure I'm eating enough. It's funny... after beating myself up for 30 years about how I should eat less, now I have to retrain myself to force myself to eat more. I look at pictures from JCS and I look scary (not to mention totally boobless), though it's probably more pronounced with all the makeup and stuff. I remember being so cold and constantly shivering like a nervous wet chihuahua. One night at intermission I had a wool coat on backstage, plus I was wrapped in a blanket and standing next to a space heater on high, getting a simultaneous hug from two people and I was still shivering so uncontrollably that I just started crying. Aaah, the pinnacle of health! Last night I started shivering again, so I started to get a little nervous. So it looks like I've gotta break out those God-forsaken protein shakes again. Blecch.

Another news bit to report: My amazing church choir director, Darryl, called me tonight to give me some bummer news. He said that the church is low on cash (who isn't, right?) so they can only afford to pay singers for which they have nobody else in the section. Sooooooo, he's got Wally (MAN does he rock!) in the tenor section, and now he's gotta pay a bass because Peter is gonna come out of retirement and do more priesty stuff, which leaves him unable to sing bass every Sunday, since he'll be preaching and stuff (it sucks that he won't be singing with us on Sundays because he's awesome, but it rocks that he's gonna be doing more preaching and celebrating because he really moves people). The choir has 850 altos, so there's really no real justification to pay an alto when you have so many of 'em around who do a fine job. I told him this was all good, and that I was going to suggest that he find a new alto section leader because a) I suck singing alto, and b) I have so many weekends I need off between now and Christmas, that it wouldn't be fair to anyone. So he said, "Shizzle dizzle! Get yo' phat ass into the tenizzle section, beeyotch!" So down to tenor I go, where I'm so much happier singing in the morning anyway.   :-) It's a love fest, man. This church is a real good thing.

I just bought Steve Burns' Songs for Dustmites. It is a beautiful thing. It features Steven Drozd from The Flaming Lips, and you can totally hear it... but Steve's (Steve Burns, that is) songs are really wonderful, happy, good things. Go buy it.   To think that Matt Casarino's cousin dated The Steve! (Hey! She's a bespectacled redhead, too... maybe... nah.   I'm all set, thanks.)

OK. I'll leave you with a snippet of an email that Mark and I were sending back and forth tonight.

> What else needest thou?
> kram

Well, let's see. I could use:

1) Another week in Arizona with nowhere specific to be
2) Lots of time to goof off with Mark
3) An instant mosquito bite elimination serum
4) Some dinner and some dessert
5) a massage
6) a good night's sleep

With that said, #6 is the only one I have much control over, so I'm
gonna go do that. :-D

g'night, eh!


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