08/19/04: When Jeremy is 32

When Jeremy was 12, his teacher asked the students to write a paragraph on what their life would be like in 20 years, and then what their life would be like when they were 60 years old.  They were also asked to draw a picture.

What I look like in 20 Years
by Jeremy

      20 years from now I think I look like this. I'm going to grow a mustache a beard and curley hair.

      I looked back at my dad's picture when he was 32. He has a beard, mustache and curley hair. I look just like him.

      I would be a computer programer for Commodore. I would write games like Monster Attac and Super Buster. I would own an Apple IIe with dubble disk drives.

      When I turned 60 I retire. I bought a sail boat and I went fishing.

In other news...

When I was little, I remember my elder-generation Italian female family members getting WAY excited every weekend because they'd get to go to church and play Bingo.  Nana had a tupperware of red plastic bingo chips that I loved to play with along with her lucky Bingo boards.  Aunt Lil used the fancy Bingo Dot liquid on these new-fangled laminated bingo cards... woooooooo, advanced bingo technology!

Anyway, I always considered Bingo to be the old lady's game, or, the old Italian lady's game, to be precise. (Nobody on Dad's side played Bingo.  I don't really know what they did.  Went to Dusting Club or something.)

Welp, 20+ years later, my mother is now the elder Italian female, along with my cousin MarieAdele.  And lordy, how theys loves da bingo.

There was a time in college when I thought it would be kitschy, cheap fun to play Bingo at the local church on some random Thursday night with my girlfriends, considering we were all of Italian descent and had watched our grandmothers and great-aunts play our whole lives.  There had to be something redeeming about sitting in a smoky room with a bunch of cursing grandmas speaking bastardized Italiano.  Alas, we never went.

Anyhoo, I went to visit my folks earlier this week, and my mom invited me to Atlantic City this weekend for a Bingo tournament which starts on Friday (tomorrow) at 2:00pm.  Both she and my cousin MarieAdele are going, and the two of them together are a riot-- I loooove hanging out with them.    I don't know exactly what a Bingo Tournament entails, but I imagine there's some Bingo playing, some cigarette smoking and some cursing involved, while sitting in a room full of 60+ year old 2nd/3rd generation Italian ladies.  This will be either very fun, or very depressing.  Either way, she is begging me to go.  I reminded her that she just gave me a loan because I am unemployed.  She said it didn't matter and that she'd fund my Bingo games, and that the tournament only lasts a few hours, and then we'd get dinner and then I'd come back to DE.  She just wants to hang out before I leave.  

Frankly, I can't think of a reason not to go, other than the drive.. which is only 90 minutes, so it's not really an excuse.  (Besides, it'll give me more time to listen to our recording of The Wall-- I need to get this out of my system or I will surely make John nuts).  Sure, I should spend the afternoon packing, but let's be realistic: I won't really pack-pack-pack until 3:00am Saturday night for my Sunday lunchtime flight.  And yes, I should spend the time un-cluttering my place, but heck, I have Saturday afternoon before Knappuccino's to do that.  

So, I guess I'm going to Atlantic City tomorrow for a few hours to play Bingo.  

With my luck, it'll wind up being my new favorite thing.

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish today tells me that I am: somewhere between In Love and Indifferent. (We've got a moving tail and a slightly twitchy head.)   The story of my life. :-)