08/20/03: Celluloid

Tonight was LTS Movie Night... my boss Ron is in town and he wanted to take the team out for some grub and a movie.  Don't ask me how, but folks decided that they wanted to see Freddy vs. Jason.  Now I can shut my brain off and be entertained by just about anything... I find humor in pointless meetings; I get complete enjoyment out of Most Extreme Challenge.  This movie tonight, however, was a struggle to enjoy in and of itself; howevah, I did have a great time despite of it because

(a) I didn't pay for the ticket

(b) There were boobs in the movie, and it was funny to see the guys all uncomfortable seeing boobs with me there

(c) I imagined what Stefan's running commentary would be

(d) The 12-year-olds sitting behind me were riotous.  Man, these kids were TOTALLY the nerdy kids I would have been hanging out with (or wishing I could hang out with?) when I was that age.  After the movie, they were saying stuff like, "Ya know, the movie was called Freddy vs. Jason, but really, it should have been called 'Freddy and Jason versus a couple of pedestrians.'  Because really, the regular old people beat out Freddy and Jason if you think about it.  And frankly, that isn't what I paid for.  If I wanted to see some pedestrians kicking ass, I would have gone to see 'Pedestrians Kicking Ass.' But I came to see Freddy vs. Jason, which isn't what I got at all."  They continued on with other comments like, "Yeah, so I'm a girl who just killed off Freddy and Jason, and to make some kind of dumb statement, I'm gonna throw Jason's bloody machete down next to his sinking body.  THAT'S good thinking there.  'Here, let me just toss this immortal guy his favorite weapon, ya know, the one that he's most efficient with. Just in case he actually does die or something.'  Good judgment there!"  I just wanted to go hang out with these kids!   It's amazing how listening to kids just instantly transports you back to when you were that age.

Just like Friday night when Chris and I got heckled by two 10-year-olds at the Blue Rocks game.  One one hand I found it hilarious that they totally made fun of us (we certainly had it coming), but on the other hand, I'm embarassed to say that it *really* hurt my feelings, like my little ant-man[1] took a fist to the face.  I was instantly transported back to being 10 years old and tormented on the bus.  I really had to think it through and get over it-- it took me a few minutes, which really surprised me.  I couldn't get over how sore I was. I honestly had to talk myself down saying, "Jill, you dumbass, you're 32 years old. These kids are 10." But then I thought, "Where does a 10-year-old get off making fun of a 32 year old openly??" And then I thought, "Well, if said 32 year old wasn't acting like a 10-year-old, maybe this wouldn't have been an issue." See? A little bit of rationalization can fix annnnnnnnnnnything. :-)

Gee, I sure have been making a lot of entries this week.

Hey! So remember last week when the northeast had that power outage and I was looking all over the 'net for a satellite picture of the east coast in darkness? My friend Annie found one, and here it is! How cool is this??

OK... Sooooooooo tired... bed calls. I was gonna have an ear of corn an hour ago, but I'm too sleepy.

And you know what they say about people who are too tired for corn. (?)

[1]   I just realized that I never explained my ant-man thing. If you've ever watched Dexter's Lab, he's got this gigantor robot that he sits inside of as he makes it do his bidding. He's got controls for the robot's arms and legs and various other sensory and destruction devices, and he's pretty much shielded from all external forces from inside this thing. So, I picture my body as just a lump of flesh and sensory input devices for this little silver ant-man called, for lack of a better word, my soul. But I really think of it as an ant-guy. He's got antennae. (which isn't to say I think I'm a guy. It's just that ants are guys. In my head anyway. Just like all dogs, regardless of anatomy, are male.) So most of the things that go on in daily life just kind of bounce off of the big fleshy lug of a body, without really impacting the ant-man very much. But other things penetrate all the way through the meat and actually affect the ant-man, like, seeing a good dog, brightly colored gerbera daisies, a really warm hug, music, taking a huge breath of really clean cool air, ya know. That stuff. I strive to do things for my ant-man rather than doing things for my "crude matter," but ya know, things like work and stuff get in the way. When I moved to Delaware, I promised myself, given that unique opportunity to start over in a new place, that I would only befriend people who inspired me in some way. It took three years, but I finally found a group of friends that's really good for my ant-man. It's a love-fest, baby!