08/24/03: Poor Jason Kokosinski.

All I have to say is, poor Jason Kokosinski. Haven't seen the guy in over 10 years, and Chris Turner made up a song about him. It's not like I even talk about the guy, but his name is one of those great names that stick in your head, so I guess when you say "Jason Kokosinski" people listen more closely.

A million years ago a bunch of us were talking about our respective proms, and I told the Jason Kokosinski story, which really is rather straightforward as prom stories go. And the next thing I know, Chris Turner debuts a song at the coffeehouse last night which pretty much sums up my thoughts about Koko pre-1990. I think Chris made up the ending because in truthfulness, it was me doing the prom asking, and Jason didn't particularly want in my pants that night (or if he did, I sure didn't know about it), but I guess poetic license requires a happy ending. But the part about me tying a thing in his hair is true, and it looked damn good, too.

Jason and I always laughed that our initials were the same (JK), so in Chris' song where it said "my world began with a capital J" and "my world began with a capital K" are a nice dual-meaning there. Chris writes a mean song, dude. Totally coindientally, Ed Correale, a high-school buddy of mine I haven't seen since 1990, came to the coffeehouse last night out of nowhere, and it was amazing! So for him to hear a song about someone he knows is kind of funny.

Anyway, I say "poor Jason Kokosinski" because every so often I track him down online and drop him a note, and I never hear back, so he must think I'm some kind of crazed stalker. (Though my brother swears he bumped into Jason in a diner a few years back and Jason asked how I was doing, so that must count for something.) And now the guy has a song written about him. Ha!

OK, here's the song, courtesy of Chris Turner. It rocked!

"Jason Kokosinski"

I knew a boy his name was Jason Kokosinski
I met him on the bus when we began the year Grade 3
He smiled at me and said I like your metal lunchbox
I inquired if he'd like to split my Hyrdox
He liked bananas, he said
He liked T.V.
He liked Tyrannosaurus Rex
But would he like me

At thirteen, I saw him skating down my parents' block
He wore a shirt declaring his love for '80s punk rock
I bought a Caballero board and Cons to make him swoon
With Jams and Vision wear I prayed that he would be mine soon
This was my chance, I thought
To make him see
These pants would put him in a trance
And soon he'd like me

My world began with a capital J
-ason, Oh, as in my H.E.A.R.T.
Koko, oh Koko, Kokosinski
Ski, Ski, Ski
Kokosinski be with me

As time went by it seemed that Jason didn't care one bit
You'd think the chocolate covered decks and wheels would be a hint
Or the tapes of Coolidge and Big Lizard in my Backyard
Were too much and made him think I was just a silly card
What can I do, I thought
What I can say
Is there a clue to show this rat
That he should like me

Then came the day I thought would never see the break of dawn
That's when Jason Kokosinski asked me to the prom
There I stood dressed up in black and classic virgin white
I tied a ribbon to his hair and melted at the sight
He held me close, right there
Deep in his arms
I had the most boastful time knowing
He really liked me

My world began with a capital K
He is the Koko and I am his sin
Add a ski and we're Kokosinski
Ski, Ski, Ski
Kokosinski's here with me

Admit it, it's a great song. Hooray for portable DAT recorders and Goldwave. :-) Isn't it amazing how you never really get over the people you like in high school? I was talking to Mark about this a few weeks ago, and he mentioned this amazing girl from his high school that he still thinks about-- apparently she never really gave him the time of day either. I'm willing to bet that it's not the actual person we're hung up on, but the taste of innocence and allllll of that potential. Combine that with a sprinkling of "what could I have done better" and a dash of regret, and you have the makings for someone who sticks in your psyche for what, 10+ years. These people aren't remotely close to what we have them created to be in our imaginations. If I met Jason Kokosinski today, or if Mark met his magic chick, surely we'd be disappointed after an hour or two. Which isn't to say that Jason and what's-her-name aren't exceptionally magnificent humanoids, but we've just made them into these creatures of perfection in our heads. Nobody can live up to that.

Poor Jason Kokosinski. :-)