08/25/04: MUNI + ox bile

Yesterday I was a big girl and took my first bus ride all by myself. The last time I was on a bus was a few weeks ago with Boutell, and before that, it was probably when I was 6 when my Aunt Em took my on my Very First Bus Ride. So, familiar with buses, I am not. (Talking like Yoda, I am.)

It is very refreshing to try new things as an adult. A few years ago, I would have felt like an insecure 12 year old, completely sure that I would make some huge social blunder against rules that weren't written anywhere. But I guess with age comes confidence, and that confidence permits me to ask questions without feeling like an idiot. I also have really good intuition, where by osmosis and The Force I can pretty much figure out what to do in any situation... e.g., being the Director of Information Systems for Arizona's largest radiology company while holding only a music degree. :-)

Anyway, the bus ride was cool. I had read a MUNI horror story from Gwen who lives out here, and before I got on the bus her LJ post was echoing through my head. I prepared myself for the pee smell and the annoying cell phones and being poked at, but nothing of that sort happened. A totally enjoyable experience. Now, I have to learn how to do the transfer. (That's the sophomore level class.)

Last night we went to Fry's Electronics in Sunnyvale (about 40 minutes away) to buy a digital camera, but we left only with a zillion bucks worth of EL wire for my Burning Man costume. Not sure what we're gonna do about the camera, but we'll figure it out, I'm sure.

Speaking of Burning Man... The event is so huge that you need a bike to get around to see stuff. Makes sense. However, it's come to my attention that the playa has about 6" of dust on it this year (it is a desert, and conditions change there every day), and biking through 6" of sand will suck entirely. We're thinking about leaving the bikes at home, but think I'd rather bring them and not use them, just in case it rains and mats down the dust. I'd hate for the ground to be bikeable and be bikeless.

Anyway... so more about SF. I live in a section of San Fran called Inner Richmond. The main drag near me is Geary which is just a teeny block away. Geary has everything you need on it, mostly within walking distance; and if you can't walk there, you just hop the bus for $1.25. The bus stop right is on our corner, so it's easy faschneezy. There's a fresh produce stand (I feel so European buying my fresh veggies every day), a super-friendly laundry, amazing coffee at Javacat, about 30,000 Pho and Thai places, a post office, a Radio Shack, a hardware store, a Walgreens, a Cala Foods (a regular old grocery store), a Whole Foods kinda place, an amazing burrito place, a fee-free ATM, you name it. The neighborhood is a cultural mix of Russians and Asians, so all of the shop signs are in Russian and various Asian languages (I can't tell the Asian languages apart yet). What little graffiti there is is all in Russian, which is kinda cool. We're about a 15 minute bus ride from downtown; and luckily our little neighborhood and stretch of Geary/Anza is reasonably flat as San Francisco streets go, so you're not dying every time you need to walk somewhere. I do love the feeling of running out the door and making a zillion pitstops along the way to pick up what I need, and then walking home with bags. My jeans are already considerably looser, so I'll need to keep the underweight thing in check. Anyhoo, I feel very safe here. I snapped this picture of our neighborhood with my camera phone today on my way back from the VA Hospital where I had lunch with John and got the grand tour. I'll tell you, that VA Hospital is on the best piece of land in all of SF. There are picnic tables outside which overlook a cliff leading down to the bay, with the rolling fog and the Golden Gate Bridge... just an amazing view. (Oh, and for those of you in the know, he's a happy boy now with work.)

In other news, I'm very happy to hear that Jerm's birthday soiree at the Blue Rocks went well. I saw the pictures of him singing (heard the mp3, too!) and of everyone bouncing in the bouncey-thingy. Whoever was bouncing in there with Adam Bragg had on a really cool shirt, so if you're reading this and you know who that chick was, let her know the shirt rocks. :-)

What else...

Oh! This is important! (ha) So, if you're a CWPF of mine (CWPF = close warm personal friend), you know about my Magic Altoids Box. However, today, I am trying an experiment: Trader Joe's has a product called "Digestive Formula" which seems to have everything I could ever want in it, including some stuff I didn't know I wanted (like, uh, Ox Bile). In one handy caplet, it's got the milk pill goodness, the beanzyme magic and all sorts of other stuff which rocks. So, today I am foregoing the Magic Altoids Box and am only having one Trader Joe's Caplet of Goodness with everything I eat... so far, so good. I've eaten normally and things seems to be OK so far. I'll let you know in a few hours whether or not we needed to call in a HAZMAT team. ;-)

Speaking of food, thanks to christurner for making me think about (and subsequently buy) Lindt chocolate again. :-)

Thanks for all the missing... I'm missing you all very much right back. I've got The Wall promo picture as my wallpaper on John's laptop (only my profile, yo...) to keep me company.

Hope this finds you all well and feelin' the love from the west!

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish today tells me that I am: Passionate.   Woooooooo! :-)   Good thing I brought Fortune Teller Miracle Fish to SF with me!