09-09-05: reinvention

So, here's one of the bits of insight I got while at BMan this year while wandering the desert on my own one night:

I've been told you only go around once, so you really only get one chance at happiness. Seeing people fritter away their magic by spending time in a detrimental situation breaks my heart so deeply that I can only get solace in hoping they get another chance. As such, I simply cannot accept that there is no such thing as reincarnation. I can't accept the fact that people have been dealt a shitty hand by life and that's the only shot they get. How can the guy with no legs not get a second chance? How can the severely mentally retarded dude only get that one shot?


Do I really believe in reincarnation? Who knows.
But I do believe in the power of reinvention. Let's ask the girl who lost 100 pounds. Let's ask the guy who cured his depression with ECT. Let's ask the girl who got tired of everything and just packed up and moved across the country to a place where she had no friends or family or job. Let's ask the brave chick who salvaged her life and the life of her young child when she left her unsatisfying marriage. It wasn't abusive, it was just unsatisfying. And now look at her and her kid: smiling, happy, healthy. It's nothing short of inspiring.

So I make this announcement, knowing I need to hear it too: Get off your asses, people. You can fix it. You can make it better. You're not getting any younger. Chop chop. You're not doing anyone a favor by taking one for the team and being a martyr. You'd set a better example by putting your happiness first and standing up for your self-worth, not by proving your dedication to something that no longer serves its purpose.

Everything will fall into place.   You will be safe.   Take the first step.

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish today tells me that I am: In Love. Huh! Who knew? What does is this Miracle Fish hiding from me?