09/18/04: dee system is down

Update: Hey all... just a quick thing... my email server was moved this weekend and it seems I had some mail loss. If you sent me anything from Friday around lunchtime (EST) to 7:30pm Saturday (EST), you might wanna resend. My mail is back up, but I have a hard time believing I only received three emails in this extended period. Thanks, yo!

I can't believe this is my last weekend here. This month has flown by. I think my flight lands in Philly at like 5:30am on Thursday morning. Anyone have an overwhelming desire to pick me up from the airport? Don't all chime in at once, yo!

All is great here. Juan and I have been doing neat stuff (we went to check out some wack-ass experimental noise/music at The Luggage Factory-- very cool), I made some new friends thanks to craigslist, I had the chance to talk to a few DE folks on IM and on the phone which was awesome (Blatt, Trainor, Izzle, Michele). Turns out John's across-the-hall neighbors are moving out November 1, so that unit will be free. Dunno what this means for me specifically, but it sure would be an easy thing to just plop in there, especially because it comes with a parking space (a major consideration for SF: you don't wanna park in the street unless you own a Mini-Cooper). Alas, John suggested that if I moved here I might wanna live somewhere more hip than Inner Richmond, but I think that's him just wishing he could live somewhere more happenin'. I like the slower pace of Inner Richmond... I like being able to walk to things and being on the bus line, I like the produce stands, and having the cheap stores and amazing f-ing Thai and Vietnamese places on Clement (right around the corner) and Golden Gate State Park right here is pretty rockin'. It's kind of how I feel about living in Wilmington as it relates to Philly, or how I feel about living in Montclair as it relates to NYC... I have all the goodness of the city at my fingertips without having it forced up me arse. Housing seems to be less expensive in this neck of the woods, too, so there's that consideration as well.

This all must sound like I'm resolved to move here. I have no idea what I'm doing... I'm just thinking out loud.

I do have my resume out in SF and have gotten many bites, which surprised me. I have no interviews lined up yet, but I'm hoping to schedule a few (maybe via phone) just to see what's out there. I also have an interview lined up at Bank One in Wilmington to do project management (ick) for a nice chunk of change (yay). The salaries here are infinitely higher, but I have to remind myself that in DE I pay $815 in rent, but out here I'd be paying $1400, so it's all relative.

Anyway, I've got a lot more to report and not much time (gotta hit the shower). I hope this finds you all well... please know that you're missed very, very much!

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish today tells me that I am: a dead one.   Dude, I'm freezing.