9/19/03: Nutjob! Nutjob! Nutjob!

I'm a nutjob.

Not sure if you knew that or not, but I figured I'd clue you in to that little fact, there.

For some reason, I really like to torture myself by watching the video for "Hurt" by Johnny Cash. The song makes me want to jump off a bridge, but the video makes me want to get a running start.

Good God.

Sometimes it just feels really good to ache; I can't explain it. Maybe because I spend my life so goshdarn happy all the time, I just want to make sure that emotion still works. :-)

Anyhoo, I've got a big weekend ahead of me which I should be starting on.

Hurricane turned out to be not that big a deal, at least not for me. Parts of Wilmington were evacuated and there are tons of power outages, but in my little apartment complex, there's just some scattered small branches. No biggie.

Let's hope Route 70 is just as clear...