9/21/03: Weedings, weddings, they're all the same

I've been to a lot of weddings in the past few months. I am typically not a big fan of weddings, mostly because I'm forced to eat seafood and dance in uncomfortable shoes.

All of this recent wedding exposure has given me an opportunity to compare, contrast and really think about what I'd want (or wouldn't want) for a cool (albeit hypothetical) nuptial event.   Stop reading anything more into this, you dork.

If I can't convince my betrothed to elope to The Cosmos Mystery Spot or to the Elvis Chapel of Love, then I guess I'll have to do the somewhat-traditional thing. It kills me to hear horror stories from engaged couples who fight over the difference between turquoise and teal for the reception napkins. I suppose wedding guests expect huge elaborate affairs when they are expected to bring big wedding gifts, but truthfully, I have everything I need from living on my own for so long. I don't need an electric mixer, and Mom says I already have a nice set of china from my grandfather. So what else do I need? I need my friends to come over and give me a warm hug and say good luck. Can't really think of much else. I'd much rather save my parents the hassle and cash expenditure of a big wedding and put a down payment on something useful.

How cool would it be to get married at The Cosmos? All of the wedding pictures would have this 8-degree slant to them. Tee hee!

Anyway, logistically speaking, here's what I envision:

Ah yes, I can hear my mom having a coronary as she reads this. :-)