09-22-06: Good Times x 6

Quick rundown:

Arrived in LA Wednesday night to Porkapalooza at Patty's house, where mass amounts of Amish Bacon, pork roll and salami were consumed. Good times. Soren and Kathryn swung by and tormented Patty with video footage of an equine nature as well as many extreeeeeme closeups of the man with the 11:00 mole. I also learned about Food in Tubes. Good times.

Thursday I had a conference call in the morning which I nailed, and then I went to get a facial and manicure at Kinara. I am many libbs lighter from all the playa dust they dug out. Ate lunch at the spa cafe which was deliciously light. Amused myself with some retail therapy, and came back to Chez PatMan. Good times.

Tried on two potential outfits for the Industrial Jazz gig, and sparkly fun one was selected, and I wore my newly purchased shoes. Went to get some really good Thai for dinner, and then I jaywalked to the soundcheck at Safari Sam's.

Soren and Kathryn were there, as were Patty and Gorm-- it was nice to have a little cheering section. The show went well, I was pretty happy how it went considering I never ran the song until I walked on stage. Got lots of pics and video. Good times.

Mike and Patty got sleepy, so Soren and Kathryn took me to Dinner House M, which is this traditional Japanese bar/club where you can actually carry on a conversation and hear some kind of live music most nights of the week. Tonight was piano karaoke, where they had about 8 songs in English to choose from. I sang Bridge Over Troubled Water a whole third higher than it should be... Ow. Also sang Daydream Believer for The Tong, and Stardust for my grandpa, which didn't go well at first (we couldn't agree on a tempo or vibe, but that's what you get from using a japanese fake book, I guess) but the second go-round after the piano solo was vastly improved. We decided Saddam Hussein should be doing stand-up, but I'll let Soren or Jahne tell you about that. Good yaps, good peeps, frikking awesome place, tasty libations and good food. Good times.

I am now in my comfy bed, and I can't wait to sleep.