09/23/04: Homeward bound

It's 4:30pm. In 30 minutes I will pick John up from work, we'll go have some dinner and then I'll be bound for Philadelphia via a Las Vegas layover. I'll be landing around 7:30am Friday morning, and Trainor will be my chauffeur.

I cannot wait to see that boy.

Between now and then, I have to figure out where my car is, as Gen was borrowing it while hers was in the shop.

My apartment complex called me today to remind me that my lease is up on September 30th, which I completely forgot about.

Anyway, last night was pretty huge... John and I got a massage and a facial, we had an outrageously decadent dinner at a French restaurant and then we called the cops because someone broke into his car. The good news is that John's backpack was stolen and picked through, but everything was intact and found closeby. We got home around 10:30ish totally wiped out, but happy despite the slight trauma. Luckily the goodness of the massage and the dinner absolutely outweighed the poop of the break-in.

I got his window fixed today while he was at work, so his life was minimally interrupted by that whole episode.

Looking forward to seeing mah peepz in the Ton of the Wilming. See y'all at Knappuccino's on Saturday night... can't wait to tell you all about the zany misadventures.


Fortune Teller Miracle Fish today tells me that I am: In Love.