09/24/04: Home.

Made it home. Switched seats on the plane so I got a window seat (yay), and woke up briefly to the salmon-colored sunrise over the clouds.

Trainor picked me up inside the terminal; I was never so happy to see someone in my life... just started crying when we saw each other. Went to breakfast at the Golden Monkey Castle where we discussed important topics (like how silly the line "friendly neighborhood Spiderman" is... as if there's a Spiderman for every neighborhood, or that this Spiderman is friendly, as opposed to the ornery cantankerous Spiderman on 26th Street) and then he dropped me off at home, came inside to make sure I was OK, and then he hit the road. I love Joe so much, and am so lucky to have him in my world.

It feels very strange to be back. Trees have already started changing colors, the little cherry buttnuggets have started falling from my big trees in my front yard, and I feel like I've been through a time warp. To me, the last thing I remember was doing The Wall in August, and now it's almost October and everyone else has moved onto other projects of which I am not a part. (This is probably good, as my efforts should be dedicated to finding a job. Speaking of which, ISI just called me with another opportunity in addition to CHoP, so we'll see what they've got.)

My place has been redecorated by my fabulous friends... this picture from The Wall is framed on my nightstand, silly post-its decorate my walls and clocks, magnetic letters on my fridge spell "Jill Rox!", my closets and pantry have been magically reoganized by Lee (whoa!), there is a beautiful card and flowers welcoming me home, my fridge is stocked, a new keychain for my car keys from Genevieve who borrowed my car while I was gone, month-old bags of dry-goods groceries have been put away, there are fresh sheets on the bed, fresh towels in the kitchen and bathroom, perfect little origami cranes have been folded and placed to greet me when I open my drawers, I have a few new fun kitchen gadgets, and Jeremy changed his flight out of the midwest so he can get to Wilmington in time for lunch today so he can see me today instead of Sunday like we originally planned.

I have never felt more loved.

It's so good to be home.

Update: 12:19pm: Good lordy, how I missed my shower.   ;-)

Update: 7:02pm: Still haven't slept yet; figured it would muss up my body clock too much, so I've pretty much sat comatose in front of my PC all day. The usual: catching up on LJ, transferring files, installing XP/SP2, giggled at the Fark photoshop contests, caught up with a few friends, double-checked Knappuccino's arrangements for tomorrow (holy cow, so psyched for Matt and Joe to play!!), lined up another phone interview for Monday for CHoP. Kept busy all while using as few brain cycles as possible. I think I'm gonna head out to Trader Joe's and the Yo Yo Babee G Money Supah Fresh and restock the staples... then I'll have a glass of port, make a toast to the sky and get some sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.