09/29/04: jobs and robs

You know, I had this big thing written about how grumpy I was yesterday and how I was in bed at 7:30pm listening to the hurricane remnants outside feeling all goth, and it featured an in-depth analysis of my stupid brain as it related to the stunning insights recently presented by Joe Trainor... but I just got an email from Dr. Rob who said he's coming out to visit in October. I just can't bring myself to post the gack because my tail is wagging all over the place!

More tri-pointing!   Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

La la la la la la la!

I had a kick-ass phone interview for a job in San Mateo (about 1/2 hour south of where I was staying in SanFran) doing pretty much what I was doing when I worked at WingspanBank (application management, vendor management, resource management, ass management, your mom management, contract negotiation, etc.). I have a second interview with their VP of PayJillALotofMoney on Friday. If that goes well, then they fly me out to meet face to face and sign stuff... that is, if I want the job. It's gonna take a lot of klams and a geniune soul-smile, dood.

Tomorrow I interview with he CHoP/outsourcing dude. (And it's not Dow like the chemical company, it's DAOU like the healthcare IT people. No wonder why they want in my pants!) I'll keep ya posted as to how that goes.

Speaking of Robs, one of the other Robs (this would be Quaf, my chess/bike/life coach) emailed me this morning saying that he's doing Bike to the Bay this year. It's this Saturday.

So when I got Rob's email this morning soliciting pledges for the ride, I suddenly really wanted to do the ride. I miss feeling useful and inspired and kick-ass. My worries are:
1) I haven't been on a road bike since last October. I have not trained. I did ride my awesome ladybug bike at BMan, but I can't really count that. :-)
2) I have minimal cash, and I need to get my bike tuned up. (I could do this myself, or ask Quaf for help, maybe.)
3) I would have to raise a few bucks for the cause (not too worried about that...)
4) If I only choose to do 80 miles (from central Delaware to Dewey Beach) I wouldn't have a ride back north. Last year Matt and Carol and Nick and Turnizzle were there and we all drove back up together.
5) I have a fun brunch date on Saturday morning that I don't want to miss (I could easily reschedule, however). :-)

Decisions, decisions.

OK, I'll mull this o'er while I help Jerm move today.

La la la la!