09-30-07: big news!

A) New Industrial Jazz Group website has been released. Check it out! Thanks to Matt, I've learned how to do some server side includes (now my 1996 skills are up to 2002 standards!), so someday I'll get around to making my llij.net site more slicktastic. Until then, suffer with frames. Sorry.

But that's not the big news. The Big News is HERE:

B) I've been househunting half-assedly for about 6 or 7 months now. Since getting this new job, Matt graciously spends my home-turf-time at my place, which sadly doesn't have room for two grown adults to cohabitate comfortably in, no matter how chummy.

Plus, my lease is up at the end of November, and they're upping my rent to ludicrous + $40 and it just seems stupid to spend that much on rent for a place that I've outgrown.

I've been working with a realtor for a while now, and I gave him my neurotic specs which naturally turned up virtually nada in the area property searches. Yesterday the three of us (realtor, Matt and I) went to go look at a house that was pathetic and gross, which totally discouraged me. On the way home from that, Matt and I drove past a house and we both went nuts at the same time. We turned around, called the number on the sign, and holycrap, it was perfect. We called back my realtor and told him about the property, we looked at it this morning at 10:30am, and by lunchtime I put a deposit on it.

We are absolutely smitten with this place, it is entirely ready to go and sweeeeeeeet. It's a corner lot brick ranch in the 19810; 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, gorgeous hardwood floors, faux fireplace (only semi-cheezy), Corian counters; new roof, siding, furnace, appliances, master bath; tons of room for friends, cars, BBQs, pet chickens motorcycles, rehearsals, art-making, workshop projects and ROCK.

No, you can't move in. But you're welcome to visit. :-)

I am so happy and excited about it.. it's slightly out of my mental comfy price range, but that's because I'm being realllllllly cautious. When I crunch the numbers I know I can handle this solo, but having never owned anything more than some nice hand towels, I'm slightly itchy.

Knowing that Matt is splitting the monthly payments makes it a no-brainer.

The closing date is 11/9 which is about 5 weeks away... and of those 5 weeks, I am home about 8 days total (including weekends). This has me nervous, especially since at times I'll be out of the country with no phone service. But Matt and I figured out how we're gonna handle it: Signing papers and forking over the cash is my department; everything else is Matt's. :-)

Works for me!

More soon.