10/17/04: in motion

I think I went to the best party ever Saturday night at jeremym's. And I don't mean "I just went to the best party Jeremy's ever thrown." I mean, "I went to the best party ever. This party was at Jeremy's house." It featured all the Mosko-goodness I love, as well as the fantastically magical UDel people of whom I don't get to see nearly enough (Hamlet, Boutell, Shelle, Michele, Quaf, Brettttt, Edmundsen, Adam, etc.). Much food, libations, great music, art, witty repartee, belly laughs until I thought I'd barf, Star Wars references, dancing, rocking and book-getting. There were Hulk Hands and X-acto knives involved. There was What's Happenin' on the projection screen/DVD. There was a disco ball. There was pinball. There was a loft with an Atari 2600, an Apple ][e and my TI99/4A with people playing each.

Whoa: just realized... Where the hell was Michael Sandler? Did no one say the magical Sandler-conjuring phrase?

I had to leave the party around 11:45 because I had to sing in the morning, and also because my cellphone battery was dead and I needed to talk to drjohn. So home I went, and I slept like a log. (It was better than bad, it was good!)

Sang in choir this morning and both the dean and my choir director made very lovely speeches about my contributions to the group. They also gave me a cute framed picture of the choir and then we all passed around the tissues. It was a love-fest.

Jill's Free Voice Lesson of the Day: Don't try to sing Mendelssohn while choked up.

The kool kwire kidz took me to lunch afterwards at my favorite restaurant (The Corner Bistro) where I ate magical spinach/capra cheese salad, yet more steak/soba and some amazing angel food cake... and then they tried to talk me out of leaving. Nice try... it's gonna take a few more dinners, dude (but food is definitely the way to go). We didn't get out of there until 3:30 because we were having such a great time yapping and enjoying the incredible food. Matt Hearn said, "John is really hot. That owl rocks. And John is really hot," about 647 times. He said this in front of Hearnwife who didn't seem fazed. :-)   Anyway... I rolled out to my car and drove up to north Jersey to my brother and sister-in-law's house to celebrate my mom's 62nd birthday (how does she have no gray hair whatsoever?) My brother and sister-in-law just celebrated their 10th anniversary and he bought her a baby grand piano which is so absolutely fantastic I could hurl. It's a Yamaha, which is my favorite piano builder without question. Everyone loves a Steinway... bleccch. The action is so much more responsive on a Yamaha and the sound is very bright. Jeff and I sang/played Ben Folds Five stuff while the kids banged on drums and jumped around. My dad got misty as he does whenever my brother and I rock. Good times.

Speaking of rocking, my dad said that he really wants to come see The Wall when we do it in December. Could you imagine my father in a room full of drunken stoners yelling "HAMMER! HAMMER! HAMMER!" Stranger things have happened, I suppose.

Anyway, I'm gonna be doing a lot of flying in the next few months. I'm flying to SF on Sunday for some cross-training, and then I fly back to DE to pack up. Then I fly back out to SF on or around Halloween. I fly to NJ for Thanksgiving to be with my folks... my dad will just have had his hip replaced laparoscopically (how cool is that!?), so I'll wanna see how he does there. Then I go back to SF for a few weeks, and I fly back to DE for Dec. 7th-ish so I can have a week of rehearsals before The Wall on 12/11.

If I don't get f-ing Elite Status on America West, they can bite my arse.

So sleepy... grabbing lunch with my college roommates Liz and Lorraine tomorrow, and then I get to buy tires. Wheee!