10-18-06: mosko-meal

When Jeremy and I were shackin' up and livin' in sin alllll those years ago, one of the things I especially loved was cooking dinner each night.  I love to cook.  And while I am no uber-gourmet, I like to try new things and invent recipes on the fly by heading to the market and seeing what looks good. 

Since Jerm was homeless last night with his worldly belongings en route from Wilmington to Philly, he was granted food and shelter at my place.  As such, I cooked dinner.  It rocked.

As requested, I made Jill's Chicken Sh!t, which is a Mosko-favorite1 recipe I whipped up about 10 years ago, consisting of chicken breast chunks in a nice balsamic reduction with carmelized onions, a shot of shaved parmesan and fresh herbs tossed with whole wheat pasta.  Totally simple, super-tasty, great for lunch the next day, and fairly good for you to boot. 

But I couldn't stop at healthy and simple; I also tried my hand at making pots de crème thanks to a recipe from Cooks Illustrated (my new favorite magazine: the perfect blend of super-geekery and food).  They came out sooooo good, but soooooo rich; I now understand why the recipe says it serves 8.  I only had 4 ramekins, so I filled each one to the top, essentially doubling the serving size.  Normally, serving sizes are a joke (hello, fat Americans), but holy crap: even on my tubbiest, most chocolate-loving day, I could never, ever eat a whole one of these (and these are only 5-ounce ramekins!).  So heed the wise folks at Cooks Illustrated, my friends.  Serves eight! Eight, I tell you!

In other news, Quito and I were chatting the other night and we decided that instead of going out to eat so often, maybe we should enjoy our homes a bit more and cook dinners for each other.  I really like that idea.  And since Porkapalooza proved that I actually can have more than 1 person in my house at a time, I'm willing to give it a shot.  Last year I cooked a sweeeeeet vegetarian meal at Quito's house, and Quito's kitchen proved to be kick-ass.  (For those of you who don't know Quito, he is a.k.a. Mark, and a.k.a. 's roommate.  He is teh awesome.) 

So yeah.  We'll see how that works.

1  Similar to the Jarvi-lexicon, there is now the Mosko-lexicon.  Mosko-meal, Mosko-plex, Mosko-trump, Mosko-date, Mosko-birthday, Mosko-bash, mosko-clock, mosko-details, mosko-favorite... these are just the ones I've used in my gmail recently, according to a quick search.