10/22/04: win win win

Wow, nothing like some indecision to make me write a lot. :-)

As you might know, I was having a hard time with the decision to move to San Francisco. Something in my heart told me it wasn't right, and I couldn't shake the feeling no matter how excited I got about the fun stuff to do out there.

So, John and I came to a decision the other night (well, early morning... ya know). And here it is.

I've decided not to move out to San Francisco. Instead, I'll be staying in Delaware and taking the job with ISI. Believe it or not, I will be making more money here than I would have been there (taking the cost of living into account), and the extra money I'll be making here will go to paying off the bills that I accrued while being out of work, and to plane tickets for visits. :-)

We feel very solid about this decision, I think it's as win-win as it can be. We get to give this thing a little more time without the panic or pressure, I get to eat the soup in Richmond at lunch on some Fridays (hey, that's really important to me, OK?), when he comes to visit it'll be a chance for my family and DE friends to get to know him, and at the end of his fellowship (or his lease) we will have a better sense of the future.

I am very peaceful for the first time in weeks. This rocks!

You may all breathe a sigh of relief that you won't have to read yet another post about my flip-flopping on this topic.  :-)

(My dad made a totally dorky comment this morning: "Well, it's clear that you're partnered with John Edwards, because all you do is flip-flop."  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh, shaddaaaaap!)

I feel like a total buttwad because the choir had this huge beautiful send-off for me on Sunday, and everyone took me out to lunch. Oh well, guess I'll have to take everyone else out with my first paycheck. :-)

My job with ISI starts on Monday, November 1. It'll be weird reporting to a workplace, since I haven't done that since I started working from home in April. Nutty! It'll be a welcome change, I'm thinkin'. I hope they give me a decent laptop.

Anyway, Enterpulse (the SF job people) has called me back three times now asking me to reconsider, but I just can't. I am so flattered that they liked me so much; I also got a really great vibe from them and know I would have rocked out there. But alas, I told them I didn't even want to hear the higher-numbers offer they were pitching because I didn't want to have to make the decision again. I have to stick with my decision. Besides, I couldn't torture you all with another blast-o email changing my mind again. Sandler called me the other day and told me to "stop toying with his heart" because I've changed my mind 8761286 times already. :-)

In other news, Dr. Rob is coming to visit this weekend, as he's in town for a conference in Maryland, so he's gonna make a trip up this way to grab the DE-MD-PA tripoint, because we missed it last September. We're also gonna try to get down to southern Smellaware tomorrow to see where the Mason Dixon line starts. I'll drive down the rest of the way to BWI with him, and I'll snag ol' Amtrak back up here. Easy fa-schneezy.

In the final bit of news, you have not LIVED until you've had a Virgin/Bloody Mary from The Corner Bistro. Sooooooooo gooooooooood!

OK, gotta go check da bread.