10-22-06: man eater

Or, Matt wins the Best Sport / Best Boyfriend Award.

On Friday night, Jenn Rice celebrated her birthday at Sex Dwarf, which is an 80s New Wave dance night named after that Soft Cell tune. It happens at Fluid Night Club on the third Friday of the month.  It ROCKS.  DJ Robert Drake is awesome, the music rocks, the people are fun, and it's pretty much impossible to have a bad time (unless you're claustrophobic, severely pee-shy or you've forgotten your earplugs; then you're screwed).

Every month they have a theme night, and Friday night's was Dress as Your Favorite 80s Pop Icon.  I was originally gonna go as Sinead O'Connor -- I figured it'd be easy to just slap on a bald cap and some loose fitting white clothes, making sure I had a picture of the pope handy.  I was also gonna pick up a bad hair-band wig for Matt and put some bad makeup on him and let him be the lead singer of Poison.  Easy enough. 

But while standing in the wig section I was hit with a lightning bolt of inspiration when I saw a black curly wig... so I called Matt.  "Dude, I have the best costume idea EVAR.  We're gonna Hall and frikkin' Oates!"  We were howling on the phone and I couldn't wait to put the costume together.

I got home and found one of my old XL high school hoodies and some iron-on letters, and I made Matt a muscle shirt that said MAN EATER on it, while 80s-izing his wig.  I couldn't stop giggling.  He looked nothing like Daryl Hall, but just seeing him in that Man Eater shirt with that wig made me die.  He said, "I can't believe I'm going to walk around Philly with a "Man Eater" shirt on."  It was sooo worth it. 

Then I found a muscle shirt for me and an old tie, put a ton of black mascara on my eyebrows (giving myself a little bit of a unibrow while I was in there... just subtly, ya know) and did up my 'stache, and dude, I was about as Oates as I could possibly be.

Anyhoo, Jenn sums up the night's events much better, but I did want to post my pictures to supplement hers.  So, here are my pix.

Fun side story: Matt was standing at the bar solo for a moment when some chick dragged her boyfriend up to Matt and said, "Hey Man Eater, would you eat him?"  Matt was like, "Uhhhh, uh...." when the guy realized that his drunken idiot girlfriend misread the situation and that Matt was totally stunned, so the guy put his manly fist out for knuckle-punches and said, "No dude, you don't have to.  Seriously dude, you don't have to!  It's cool, it's cool!" 

We decided that Matt needed to wear a sign that said "I'm not gay, I'm Daryl Hall!"  (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)  Maybe for next weekend's festivities I'll work that into the costume.