10/27/04: bim bim bim

I've got nothin' to report, really. Just figured I should say something... When in doubt, have a listo.

  • Darryl broke two toes today by dropping a 100-pound barbell on his foot. D'oh!   Poor guy.

  • I bought a new bed yesterday from Levitz. They delivered it today, but the boxspring doesn't fit through my bedroom door. D'oh again! So, it went back to the store and they're gonna (hopefully) bring me a low-profile boxspring tomorrow. Awesome: I'll have a geriatric bed at age 33. Nice!   It was either that or shell out an extra $200 for a split boxspring... don't think so. So luckily the low-profile boxspring doesn't cost me any extra... though I do wonder if I have to pay the delivery fee again. Hmmmm.

  • Tonight I'm back singing at choir... I wonder if they know I'm staying? Oh goodie, I get to explain the dilly to everyone. :-)

  • Speaking of the dilly, I miss me a ninja.

  • Tonight a bunch of us are going to watch Matt and Jon do their jazz trumpet/piano thang at Crerand's. We're also gonna get some hot lunar eclipse action, some hot onion-ring action (damn you, Steve We!) and some Red Sox curse-lifting action. Yeeee!

  • I was looking at Greg Robleto's website today, and it inspired me to: (1) ask him for the RSS feed for his blog so I could pull it into LJ so I don't have to check 87628762 places, and (2) redesign my home page. It's only been exactly like that since the day I got a SLIP account back in 1996. (I don't like to rush into things.)

  • It's 10-27, which is my college dorm room number. 1027 Bohn Hall. How I miss the days of skipping Music Theory I and II, keeping Lorraine waiting for lunch at 11:00am each morning, getting athlete's foot from the hall showers, the fire drills at 3:00am, Brian Piatkowski sleeping in the hallway outside our door, Liz wearing pink and black, fearing the moldy fridge, making Lorraine say "goodnight" 98723987 million times in different voices, leaving prank answering machine messages for each other, and trying to lure pigeons into the room through the window with various foodstuffs. (For consideration: Pigeons, the bird that will eat excrement and rocks, will not eat Twinkies.   Discuss.)

    Sing it! "Bim bim bim, 1027, Liz Jill Lorraine... whoops I left Liz-roh(?) dunn dunga diiiiiinne.. oh this is very bad... oh yeah, ohhh! VYE! {click}"    Just. Don't. Even. Ask.

    OK, Gotta go... gonna be late for choir. More later.

    [time passes.]

    OK, back from choir and post-choir festivies at Crerand.

    It felt really nice to be back at choir. I know I was only gone for a week, but as soon as I walked in the door, everyone yelled, "Jill's here! Yay!!" which rocked completely. After choir, two of the teen singers asked me when I was leaving, and I told them I didn't take the job and would be staying, and they literally jumped around yelling "Wooohooooooo!!!" and high-fived each other. Dude, if teenagers get excited over you, that's pretty impressive. :-) I felt like a million bucks. Eeee!

    Anyhoo, choir let out early tonight, as poor Matt was about to pull his hair out... let's just say with Darryl being out from the foot injury, the 'tweenie kids were in substitute-teacher mode.

    Hearn and Hearnwife (Matt and Sarah) came out to Crerand because they know Matt Gerry (that's three Matts within one hour), so we dined on some qualitee bar food and enjoyed the beginning of the Sox game. I love hanging out with them-- they're so quick, so funny, and great for coining colorful words for man-bits ("jamblies" comes to mind). John's hotness was again brought up by The Hearn.

    [pausing for thought...striking pensive pose not unlike Steve We.]  While my initial thoughts were to give my pals some John-time when he's out east for a visit, I'm thinkin' maybe not so much Hearn-time (but then again, Hearnwife is rockin' and cute, so maybe we could just trade or something).

    It's so nice to know my parents read this blog. Don't worry Mom and Dad, I'm not a lesbian. (A $5 truckstop crack whore, yes.   Lesbian, no.)

    Because me being a lesbian would certainly be the most horrible thing in the world, dontcha know. :-)

    Something tells me this will not be the blog entry my mom prints out and brings to school to show her teacher-friends. (ya think?)

    Anyhoo, Hearnwife's friend wrote a rock opera (or maybe she's just in it?) and it's being performed in San Francisco. Sarah (Hearnwife) is gonna be in SF the weekend I'm out there (11/10 - 11/14) and wants to know if John and I wanna go see it with her. If not, we can just grab dinner beforehand... but I think it'd be cool. I like me a rock opera, and I dig Sarah, and I dig sharing musical experiences with John. But alas, The Squid may have something else in store which pre-empts these plans.

    Dude, can I just say how much I love Steve Weatherman? I can't think of anyone who makes me laugh so hard so consistently. Good Lordy, he's a riot... we were cracking each other up the whole night.   Turnizzle and CarolCas were in attendance as well, and we all giggled as we challenged our fine motor skills trying to do the triple-middle-finger (see picture, left), making sure we were incorporating the proper scowling technique as well (aim high, kids!).   Ian appeared briefly and lit up the room in his usual mega-positive-energy kind of way. Did you ever notice how that guy just breezes in and out of places? Always on the move, leaving a little trail of happier people.

    Anyway, I'm very happy we were able to share Matt Gerry's magical moment of watching his beloved, beloved Red Sox bust their almost nine decade Bambino curse. It was truly an amazing moment, and dare I say I got a little choked up even. Surely this event, paired with the blood-red eclipsed moon, portends the apocalypse.

    Steve We and I wondered who would/should know more about baseball stats and rules: a gay guy, or a girl?   Discuss.

    Did y'all check out the eclipse tonight? Just fantastic. It was a bit cloudy earlier today so I wasn't sure what the evening would hold, but everything cleared out and we had a perfect view of it from the Crerand parking lot. Many trips outside were enjoyed, and we felt a sense of wonder. And admittedly, it was even a little creepy when the moon was at max-redness, and the leaves were falling off the trees making crinkly-sounds. Gotta love the fall, which was made all the more enjoyable thanks to my warm coat. I foolishly tried to snap a pic with my camera phone... BELEETED!

    Allrighty. Tomorrow morning the craigslist man-with-a-van people come at 10:00am to move my old bed over to Lee's place. This should be an adventure trying to get the old boxspring down the stairs, especially since all of my tools are over at Jeremy's, and I have no way to take the bathroom door off its hinges like we had to do when we brought the old bed upstairs all those years ago.

    I can NOT wait to sleep on my new magical Serta Perfect Sleeper Pillowtop fluffy bed of happiness. La la la!

    But tonight, I sleep on the couch.