11/01/03: Hollow ween.

Wow, it's been a really fun 24 hours! :-)

Went to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch last night at the Baby Grand with Chrizzle-- we went in drag (very appropriate). The verdict is that he makes a much hotter chick than I do a guy (probably because I look like Neil Young)... and frankly, I'm comfortable with this. I did, however, get TOTALLY hit on by a very drunk sorority girl who thought I was a guy... dammit, should have hit on her back so she'd hate herself and reform her evil drunken debaucherous ways. (tee hee)

Who knows, maybe she would have liked it, and then *I* would have been the one hating myself.

Anyhoo, Hedwig was enjoyable mostly because the band is just astoundingly amazing. Joe Trainor (a Knappuccino's headliner, and someone I admire more than most mortals) music directed it, so it was a Super High Qualitee Event. The band was pretty much the same guys who pitted for JCS-- unreal. Music was a bit loud and distorted at first, so I had a hard time making out the words at times... but it was opening night so I imagine they'll work those bugs out. I think Hedwig was originally done in NYC, because there were a million NYC / NJ / tri-state area references that the audience wasn't getting for the most part, except for me and some other dude all the way on the other side of the hizzouse. Alas...

After Hedwig we sashayed our sexy arses over to Kid Shelleen's, which is an establishment in downtown Wilmington that I do enjoy... if I can't go to Stanley's, I opt for Kid Shelleen's-- good food, great nachos, not particularly loud. Unfortunately, Kid Shelleen's was so ungodly crowded and so much like a cuh-lub or a barrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-- 58000 people, took 8762 years to move 3 feet, had elbows in my ear and drinks spilled on me when I wasn't moving or holding a drink myself, yadda yadda yadda. So we sat out on the deck and drank a fine hard cider and two shots of Jaegermeister, which actually had minimal effect on me (must've been watered down... probably a good thing). It was barely crisp out... just beautiful, very starry and sweet. Afterwards we adjourned to the diner where Chris got gawked at.

Brian (Chris' brother) went as The Dude from the Big Lebowski, and Katie (Brian's chick) was Maude-- they looked fantastic. They're way cool peepz and I absolutely love hanging out with them. Chris and I are convinced they think we're loon-balls; I think it's part of the schtick.

This morning Chris and I drove up to New Hope, PA-- he'd never been there before, and it's been a year or so since I was there, so it was about time. (Danielle and I almost always go when she's out here in the non-winter months.) It was 75 today-- seemed a little too warm to be considered an Indian Summer, even. (Don't Indian Summers have to happen after the first freeze in order to be "real" anyway? Let's ask Rob Edsall, Staff Meteorologist. Rob?) We walked around for a while, ate lunch at Danielle's and my favorite place (Wildflowers Cafe) which is on the canal and they serve yummy food. We bummed around some more, had our palms read by Edith (dorky New Hope tradition, and a fun way to blow a few bucks) and then took a sunset train ride on a 79-year old steam locomotive from New Hope to Lahaska. Absolutely amazing, worth every dime. It was the perfect autumnal activity, and as long as I live closeby I think it needs to become a tradition.

I've decided that at some point in my life I need to live in Bucks County. It's really got to happen. Once I become paid well for the efficient way I turn oxygen into carbon dioxide, I will buy a modest home with lots of windows on a good chunk of land with lots of trees, and I'll build me a swingset. I'll have some dogs and a bird and good coffee and lots of Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castile Soap and I'll wear nothin' but LL Bean clothes and I'll have a fireplace and a quilt and books and a really fluffy bed... simple simple simple... well, except for the state of the art recording studio in my basement.

I don't ask for much. :-)

Anyhoozle, we got back to DE around 7:30, and I took a bath, I'm in my PJs and now I'm gonna watch me some Winged Migration, because I missed it in the movies. I really like Saturday nights in. Maybe we'll make some decaf and eat some road-trip Alphabits.

Sounds like a plan.