11/06/04: input output

Here's a few things of varying degrees of importance and significance:

First: I saw Bat Boy last night with Jerm, Alisa and Boutell. (Why is it that all of the UDel people are referred to only by their last names?) The show was probably the best piece of theater I've seen in this state. Seriously. I shit you not. The cast is so strong, nobody at all sucks or is even slightly weak. You never have that feeling of, "Oh, I have to sit through this guy singing now," or, "I wonder if I got any text messages?" Those thoughts just didn't cross my mind at all. The set is minimalist and very effective, the choreography was exceptional in design and execution, the singing was fabulous, the acting was superior. I am so proud of my friends! Genevieve was totally engaging and looked like a million bucks, Matt made me pee my pants about 100 times (and his huge frikkin' arms were thoroughly distracting, especially when he effortlessly hoisted himself on top of a 6-foot cage like he was picking up a can of coke), Karen sang the CRAP out of that role, TS was riotous and hammy and whoa what a voice, and Patrick was golden in everything he did. Everyone's singing was fantastic, Trainor's sequencing was spot-on, and I was really so very proud of the whole cast. I can't say I'm sad that I wasn't in the show-- looking at the final product I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to pull it off, the dancing and acting. (Please don't tell me otherwise. I know my limitations and am very comfy with them!) I was just very, very content to watch it and belly-laugh!

After the show, Jerm, Alisa and Boutell headed for home, and I was gonna meet Turnizzle and possibly hang with the cast. Being then carless, Chris picked me up at the theater. We weren't sure how late the cast was gonna be backstage having post-show/pre-outing backstage martinis, so we headed to Stanley's because we were hungry. I had a long week at work, and it was nice to sit in Stanley's and have some quiet Chris-time. It's hard to believe he's moving to Philly, but I'm very happy for him... he belongs there.

Second, Godiva has a new collection of super-fancy-pants chocolate that looks so good I could fall over. If you loved me, you'd mail some to my house.

What else... I heard Tina Sheing got cast as The Narrator in Joseph at WDL. DUDE! THAT IS SO COOL! I could not be happier for her. She rocks the house and she will knock that bizzle out of the pizzark. Yay!

My first week back at work went really well. I'll be happier once I get a paycheck, though. My first check comes next Friday, but it'll only be for 5 days, so we'll see what that looks like. My first full check comes on Thanksgiving, so I'm hoping to have a lot to give thanks for. :-)   I have about 850 pages of ITIL materials to read/assimilate, so I'll be reading on the plane out to SF this week and studying on that Friday while John is at work. I'm unspeakably, unfathomably excited to see him and to take this first "official" step in this long-distance thing. In other news, John is taking his big bad test tomorrow, and I am pulling for him so hard. This test is very difficult, but I know he's gonna do great. If you're a good-vibes-sending person, please direct some his way tomorrow afternoon.

Lastly, tomorrow I get to do coffee hour at church (how hokey does that sound?) with two other ladies from the congregation. It should be cool. My only worry is that I'm gonna be tied up with that until at least 1pm, and I wanted to get a chance to wish John good luck before he tests. Hopefully by 1-ish it won't be too late.

I have to go bake cookies and banana bread now, and then tonight I get to hang at Jerm's doing my laundry while he's at a party. I live on the edge, man. Sitting home on a Saturday night getting ready for a church social the next day. Good God, you'd think I lived in a red state.

Anyway, in other news entirely.... I don't usually cross-post my LJ-stuff with my llij.net stuff, but I wrote something today and feel like it should be here, too. So here.

Apathy, or honesty?

Ayn Rand tells us that selfishness is not a bad word. Rock.

I'm bored today, so I decided to delve into the innerworkings and ancient entries of random people's blogs. I discovered something.

There is so much stuff out there that I will simply never understand. That, in and of itself is no crime. However, counterpart to that sentence is: There is so much stuff out there that I don't give a crap about.

For example: Before I became interested in Burning Man, I never heard of poi/fire spinning. Since I didn't know it existed, I didn't care about it. I couldn't, quite obviously.

Now that I know about it though, I still don't care. I mean, it's cool and certainly has merit, but ... I just don't care. I am not dissing it, I'm not calling it invalid or irrelevant; I'm just saying that I've got other stuff to do. I would gladly go watch it, I would give it try even... but to get my panties in a froth over it? I don't see it.

When I see how excited and molecularly-interested people get about topics about which I know nothing, I get overwhelmed and panicky. I follow their embedded links, I try to understand, I read related articles, but there is just so much information and so many experiences to be assimilated that I just want to crawl back into bed and hide.

This isn't to say that my current set of interests shall remain static; I like trying new things, talking to people, understanding stuff. But that stuff has to interest me in the first place.

I feel badly that I don't give a crap about certain things, as if I'm supposed to, and if I don't, I'm a slacker or somehow lacking.

Is me saying "I have no real interest in this topic" the same as "I don't have the energy or desire to learn about it, because I am lazy"? Shit, I hope not.

Maybe this all sounds logical and "Well DUH, Jill!" but for some reason, it's stressing me out right now.

That's what I get for trying to learn. :-)