11-17-06: tug-o-war

This morning in our all-hands company-wide regional team meeting (300+ people?), my boss, Andrew, called me up center stage and awarded me with a $50 AmEx gift card for passing my ITIL Practitioner Exam, as well as slathered me with praise and accolades.  It was really very touching, and I appreciated it very much especially considering the audience (the executive team from Corporate was all there, in addition to Matt smiling from the back of the room). 

Just now, Andrew sent this email to the president of our region, as well as to a bunch of supremo-executives in the To: and cc: lines... :

Rich / Chris,

Jill Knapp is coming off of WSFS bank at the end of the year.

Yesterday, we spent about an hour talking about her career aspirations and what would be a great next step for her at MTM.  As I mentioned at the team meeting, she is the best Technical Outsourcing team leader we have and given 2 of top 3 goals for the area, (improving delivery of Managed Services and growing Managed Services), I believe we should look to leverage her skills to this end.

During the next 30 days she will begin to get engaged in an ITIL assessment at Lancaster General and after that we will NEED her if Wawa closes, as she is the only resource available that understands all of what we do and has a strong track record at the account.  In addition, she can help out with Leesport, Dewey Homes and others should these close as well.

She has done an outstanding job and we have a unique opportunity to maximize her skills across pre-sales, service initiation and on-going delivery and I would like to solidify a new role for her in the next few weeks.


Andrew R...
Director, On-Site Services
MTM Technologies

To make things more interesting...

This morning when I walked into the ballroom where the meeting was held, I was practically tackled by this guy Michael who heads up all of our Remote Network Monitoring nationally.  He said, "Hey Jill, so I hear you're rolling off of WSFS at the end of the year.  I have an opportunity I'd like to talk to you about.  I pitched it to Rich and to Chris [ed. note: the same guys Andrew wrote to this afternoon] and they said that you'd be a great fit to help sell the delivery of our NOC offerings nationally."  So I said, "Well, I just met with Andrew yesterday, and he has about 7 things lined up for me already."  Michael said, "Yeah, Andrew's not very happy that I'm approaching you, but I told him I was going to.  So I'll circle back with him later this morning and let him know that we spoke." 

So I guess that's what prompted Andrew's email to Rich and Chris.

Ah, the tug-o-war begins. 

All I have to say is:  Bitches ain't gettin' me without a phatty raise.  My momma don't raise no dummies.

In other news entirely, I am so overcaffeinated right now, that I am in major Cornholio-mode.  I just declared the last hour of the day "Talk Like A Scotsman Hour" where my work-pal Ray is forced to answer the help desk phone in his thickest Scottish accent-- at which he excels. 

Good thing I don't let my big manager power go to my head or anything.  (I feel my hair getting pointier...)

Anyhoo, after a crazy-hectic week of writing contract amendments, statements of work, driving south of Baltimore yesterday during the tornado watches and torrential downpours of doom and giving a sales pitch there, and then this morning's crack-of-dawn meeting... I'm gonna have a nice date with Matt tonight. Vincente's for dinner, and then we'll hit Video Americain to rent some funky thing on DVD and snuggle in. Can't wait.