12/1/03: Happy December!

So it's December now... well, at least for us east-coasters (and also I suppose everyone east of me).

So far, so good!

Had a great Thanksgiving weekend. Put 400 miles on my car, caught up with old friends, ate turkey, saw my friend Brian in Company at the Barn Theatre (my bro did sound for it, which rocked), hung with the fam, ate about a 1/2 loaf of the tastiest darn pumpkin bread on the planet, saw snow, and slept in my old bed. It was quite cozy good.

One of the highlights of the trip was of course the drive-- I just really love being in my car listening to good music while driving back roads. After seeing Company on Friday night, I went with the cast to Harrigan's, which is the local haunt for the Barn Theatre crowd. Brian randomly asked me, "You like Rufus Wainwright?" and I said, "I don't know anything about him, but people tell me he's cool." And with that, Brian reached into his pocket and handed me a burned copy of "Want One," which is his release from September of this year. Holy crap, this thing is ASTOUNDING. (So good, in fact, I just bought a real copy off of Amazon a mere moment ago.)

I have a bad habit of buying CDs on a whim (damn you, Amazon One Click!) and then leaving the shrink-wrapped CD on my kitchen counter for months. I've had an unwrapped Cowboy Junkies CD sitting there since last winter, I think (which also doesn't say much for my housekeeping skills, I suppose). I get into these moods where I realize that I've been listening to the same music since pretty much 1997, so I buy these CDs, and then when it comes time to whip out a CD, I go with what I know I like, which is something I've been listening to since pre-1997. Yeah.

So the last month has turned me into this music sponge; I think I was just finally ready for it. In a previous post I mentioned that I accidentally hijacked Ro Sham Bo by the Grays off of Rob last month, and he also got me into Owsley. I think we listened to Owsley back around September, and I bought the CD as soon as I got back to DE but didn't really immerse myself in it until just a few weeks ago. Anyway, so now with Mr. Wainwright's stuff assimilated in my molecules along with The Grays (and anything else Jason Falkner ever did) and Owsley, I feel like I've got more musical vocabulary than I had just 6 weeks ago.

To top it off, over the summer Joe Trainor gave me two of his CDs (The Distance and Numbers) which I totally fell in love with when I first heard them. I knew my friend Amy would love the stuff as well, so instead of copying the CDs and giving her the copies, I gave her my originals figuring I would just buy a replacement set off of Joe.. but I didn't get around to it, like an idiot. So I've been Trainor-less since like June or something, until just last week at Knappuccino's when he gave me a new copy of Numbers (with even some bonus tracks-- woohoooo!), which is just this amazing thing. So, get your hiney to Joe's website and check him out.

I've said it once, and I'll say it 3800 more times: God, I just love music.