12-05-06: loose ends

Every once in a while I'll remember some loose end from a zillion years ago that I never tied up or snipped off, and it KILLS me.

I just looked out the window to look at the sunset, and there are big, fat pink clouds hanging in the sky. This reminded me of a super-trippy tune I sang in high school choir which was a barely-veiled description of watching clouds whilst on acid or something (the song describes "a fat pink cloud" among other things).  I then remembered that I was telling some guy I met in All-Easten Choir back in 1988 about the tune, and he asked me to mail him a copy of the song. I got his address and said that I would. I don't think I ever did... That is killing me.

I also remember promising someone a copy of the famous The Best of The Evelyn Situation mix tape, but I never got around to sending it. Argh!

The thing is, I have both folks' addresses, and I could probably dig said things up and finally mail them out... 20 and 10 years late, respectively. I am sure they don't remember the conversations, and they'd probably be puzzled to get these items in the mail. But I think I'd free up a brain cycle or two.

I don't want to be one of those people who doesn't follow up on promises. As a rule, I don't think I am, but even these little exceptions dig at me sometimes.