12/08/03: We're famous!

This morning Cappella Sonora was on Good Morning, Arizona to promote our Christmas concert on December 13th (click "Programs" for more information).

Anyhoo, the TV spot went well from what we hear, though none of us has had a chance to watch the videotape yet. I did take a few pictures with my cell phone, so here they are.

Danielle in her hotty Lederhosen

Danielle grinning the big grin

Stefan, Jill, Danielle and Jim sing El Grillo as the big warm-up. (I think they went to a commercial with us singing this.)

Stefan, Harry, Valarie and Robin (I love this pic-- wish I took it with a real camera instead of with the celly... oh well)

Jim gets interviewed by Marty the Channel 3 Chick.

Rob, Danielle, Stefan, Harry, Robin and Jim sing Gedeonis.

The coolest picture of Stefan ever