12/13/03: Arizona Musings

Hi all!

I'm in Arizona still... I've been here for over a week now to prepare for the big concert tonight. I'm psyched for this gig; I think it'll be really good. I was thrown on a couple tough pieces at the last minute, but I know I can handle them and I love the challenge. I love singing with this group, and I'm so glad they let me scratch my early music itch with them.

Things here are good. Being out here for longer-duration trips are kind of weird, though... especially since I spent a couple days working out of Accenture's Phoenix office. I feel like I live here again, especially because I've been here so frequently over the last few months so I don't feel like quite the novelty (a good thing). I suppose part of me is ready to get back to Delaware and get back to my life, but part of me just wants to stay and have my computer, my comforter and my fishy shipped here. :-)

Houses are so cheap out here, it's silly. I should just buy one and rent it out. Hmmm.

I'm wondering how my feelings about Arizona will change over the next few months. It seems that since September, I've had a music-related reason to be out here each month. But now that this gig is about to be finished, I don't have a concrete reason to be out here. The last time I was out here I wasn't bummed that I was leaving because I knew I'd be back out in 4 weeks. So I'm curious how things might change, because admittedly, they're feeling rather normal and comfortable right now. I like this pattern, though my credit card could do without all this car renting.

Rob's birthday was Wednesday and we had a fun day. Hit some balls at the batting cages, went to Castles and Coasters to play some videogames and air hockey, sang at church choir rehearsal and then went out with some choir members for a beer. Just a happy smiley day.

Last night was Rob's big birthday party though-- The troops rallied for a games night over at Jim and Robin's place who graciously donated their house. It was fun trying to invite Rob's friends that I haven't yet met, being all stealthy about it. The whole idea was that Rob thought the night was gonna be a low-key games night with a few people, and if we needed to maybe we'd run through a piece or two as a last-minute thing. But when he got there and saw some of his college pals there and non-Cappella-Sonora people there, he figured it all out. :-)   Stefan played some guitar, we played Pictionary, we ate a metric ton of cheese (mmrllmmmm). Met some cool new people (Chris and Jessica) who let me test drive their yellow 5-speed Mini Cooper (oh my god, that's my next car), got to catch up with my other non-Cap-Son pals that I didn't get a chance to see yet... a good time was had by all.

In other news, I made a very interesting discovery about myself when Mark and I went to the batting cages earlier in the week (did a lot of batting, as you can tell): I can bat lefty! How cool is that? When I bat righty, I'll hit probably 9 out of 10 pitches. But when I went to try batting lefty just to be dorky, I slugged 10 out of 10-- couldn't believe it! Check out the video which Mark took with his cool-ass phone.

In still other news, it seems every time I come out here I leave loving a new band. This month it's Travis. Their album "The Man Who" is incredible. Their song "Writing to Reach You" really does it for me. The lyrics of the whole album are pretty depressing, and they just feel very wintery and gray, which feels good for some reason, even though I'm not feeling particularly gray or depressed.

OK. Even though it's 10:45am, I should be asleep right now. Didn't get home until 1-ish this morning, got to sleep around 1:30am or so, and woke up at 6:30 to do nature's bidding and to let the dogs out, and I didn't get back to sleep. Rob ran off to sing at a church thing and to take his mom to brunch and shopping and such, and I'm hoping to snag lunch with Jeff and Debbie today, and then hit Fry's with Mark (who I can hopefully swindle into taking me to the airport to drop off my rental car). Then maybe one final trip to the batting cages before the big gig for tonight. I don't think this blister on my hand is quite large enough, I need to see if I can make it bigger.

Tomorrow I sing at church in the morning, mayhaps grab some brunch with Rob and his mom, and then I jet back east.

Wish me luck for the concert tonight. I'll be taping it, and I'm sure MP3s of the gig will be posted in a few.

I figure my next update will be from DE, so happy trails! In the meantime, enjoy these pictures from my phone. I gotta dump 'em because I'm out of memory.

Mark and Jill at Fry's Electronics (*sigh*)

Proof of Rob's righteous Galaga high score

Skiing at Castles and Coasters (12/10)

Rob bats lefty

Rob bats righty

Mark bats righty

Nelson (Smellson!)


another shot of Nels