12/13/04: A minus

In college, I had a pathetically lazy professor who announced in the beginning of the semester that grades were based on (totally subjective) things like class participation and creativity. His classes were lectures and/or discussion, and had 3% too much of an impromptu feel to them. I always suspected he was simply unprepared for class, but being a measly sophomore and pretty unsure of things, I didn't think to say anything.

At the end of the semester, I received an A- grade.

I think when you're awarded with an A-, you are happy with the grade. It's still an A, but you can probably think of something you did that wasn't absolutely perfect, so you accept the minus and just assume your prof was perceptive.

However... when yapping with the other students, we realized that we had ALL received A minuses. At that point we figured out that he was a pathetic (but smart) fook.

In other news entirely...

At mostly the Ninja's prodding (who seems to be the only person I'll listen to on the matter, even though everybody else also offers very compelling arguments), I've decided to password protect the llij.net blog, as well as the majority of my Live Journal entries. There are indeedy a lot of words out here, and while I love the concept of sharing ideas (especially with random people so we really can see how alike we all are), I think it's also dangerous to give people a false sense of friendship with me just because they read all about the lady in the breakroom.

Thanks for your understanding, folks!