12/18/03: All My Shootin's be Drive-bys

This is one of the funniest fargin' things I've heard in a while. Give it up for MC Hawking!

All My Shootin's be Drive-bys

The words are riotous... "some punk-ass bitches from M.I.T.!"

Anyhoo, in other news... all is well in Smellaware. Work's been nice and slow this week thankfully, got Knappuccino's squared away for this weekend, got a lunchtime Christmas caroling gig on the 23rd at Chase Manhattan, and I'm finally getting to see The Music Man this weekend. Can't wait to see my quartet rock da hizzy, though I'm a little worried because Brian Elam (our top-tenor) was in the hospital with pneumonia this week... oh my! If worse comes to worst, I'll just get a haircut, strap down the yoms and put on the little barbershop quartet hat. :-)

It's List-o time!

Christmas Spirit-o-meter: 5.2

Interest in being at work-o-meter: 3.76

Gladness-o-meter: 8.98

Hair Day-o-meter: 6.3

Moxy-meter: 7

Today's favorite key: It's a tie: F major, G minor   (very weird that I'm liking flat keys today. Must be a winter thing.)

Lunch: Turkey & gouda with mustard on potato bread... extra pickles

Snack of the day: Baked Tostitos + Trader Joe's Fresh Mild Salsa

What I would rather be eating: a metric ton of white chocolate Lindt balls.

Dreams last night: I was full-blast singing a song while listening to headphones, and I realized that I sounded silly to people sitting around me. I think it was "Video" by Ben Folds, but I'm not sure.

This week's music:
Owsley's new CD: The Hard Way. Absolutely unreal. Killer lyrics. Read them.
Rufus Wainwright: Want One. Pure genius. It's a good thing I had a burned copy of this; I think I left my original in Rob's car.
Mondo Urbano: A mix CD I made with Ben Folds deep cuts, that Vanessa Carlton "1000 Miles" song, and the tune "Friend" from the show Closer than Ever (This chick's voice grates on me like no other, but when I'm really grumpy the sentiment cracks me up. The song will surely make any guy run screaming... it's a bit over the top).
Little Shop of Horrors: Orginal Broadway Soundtrack (getting psyched for auditions)

OK, nothing else to report, except that Christurner had a job interview this morning for a senior marketing manager job at one of the big theaters right on Broad Street in Philly-- how cool is that? Send him good vibes, even if you don't know him.

Still gotta shop for a few more people... God how I hate forced gift-giving. Bleugh.