12/23/03: Wise up

Not much to report, except that Knappuccino's went well, Music Man was a delight to watch (I LOVE my quartet! La la la! Such joy they bring me!), and we had a fun cabaret night on Sunday after the show. I'll be posting some MP3s of it one of these days.

I have so much DAT work to do, it's not even funny. I have to cut the Cappella Sonora gig into tracks and optimize/rip them and post 'em to the site, I have to import and do the whole whamma jamma on the DATs from the 12/20 Knappuccino's, I have to cut/rip the debauchery/silliness that Mark and I taped at his place over his birthday weekend. Plus, Darryl asked me to tape the Christmas Eve choir concert and service, because we're doing some awesome music, and it'd be nice to have a good recording of the choir. We rock this year! So it'll be busy.

I finally finished my Christmas shopping today. All I'm sayin' is, thank God for FedEx. I swear, I can't think of a company I love more. Trader Joe's is a close second, but I think I'd have to go with FedEx.

I'm jonesin' to see Big Fish, so Chris and I are gonna go grab that Friday night. I can already tell it's gonna make me wanna jump off a bridge, but dude, it's Tim Burton, so I'm there. :-)

Tell me that Jessica Lange isn't the most beautiful woman in the entire world. My gosh, she's just breathtaking.

I have a Christmas carolling gig tomorrow at lunchtime... 40 minutes work and a nice chunk o' change. I get to wear my ol' Mary wig, so I'm very excited about that. My god, what I would give to really have mid-back-length ringlets of red hair. Sweet!

Speaking of hair, I'm cutting it all off. Part of the catharsis, I think. Scrub down, throw everything I ever got, wrote or recorded in a box and hide it, and then cut everything off. Burn the bridge and bask in the glow, and then just get on with whatcha gotta do.

Anyhoo, this blog entry is entitled "Wise Up" because I promised Blatt that I'd make this awesome Aimee Mann song available, tabs and all. I smell a cover tune. ;-) (thanks to Chris for giving me this song a few weeks ago.)

So here they are:

the song

the tabs

the lyrics