12-26-05: it's beginning to smell a lot like christmas

It's been a busy 6 weeks, I'll tell you whut... but busy in a very good way.

I've been spending a good amount of time in airports lately, as you might be able to tell from my calendar. In November, I was in Vegas for a conference for work, and Matt and Patty flew out to stay with me there for frolicking and festivity (and some freakin' incredible waffles1). We were also joined by Matt's friends Jason and Marc (they are brothers), who were a total riot and exactly the guys you'd wanna hang out in Vegas with. Patty and I went to see The Fab Four (a Beatles tribute band), and did some shopping at the Venetian (I couldn't resist trying on this super-fun Betsey Johnson dress... helloooooo, $800+!)

1 [Side note: As I am typing this, there is a woman sitting in the next row of cubes hacking her lungs out with a bronchitis-like super-deep uber-phlegmy cough that could stop traffic. Her coughing is making me HURL. So as I'm looking through Matt's website looking for the picture of that yummy waffle, she starts gacking and now I look at that picture and can only think LUNG BUTTER. I am going to puke. That f-ing lady has just ruined waffles for me.]

More time in airports was had when I travelled to Los Angeles to sing with the Industrial Jazz Group in San Diego during the first week in December at this great jazz club called Dizzy's. I stayed with Patty for 5 days, and she showed me around the rockitude that is Hollywood and her environs. We went to Disney, we ate at some great restaurants, we saw The Upright Citizen's Brigade, we had spa day, and best yet: we saw Thai Elvis (that's him over there) perform at the Palms Thai restaurant with Soren, Kathryn, their friend Durant and Chris Turner (who now lives in LA). I just love hanging out with Patty-- she is so damn cool.

The thing that was so remarkable about seeing Thai Elvis was that at first, we didn't realize he had started performing. Patty, Chris and I were yapping at the bar and we heard Elvis overhead, but the guy sounded so much like Elvis that it didn't occur to us that the music was live. Amazing! Apparently Thai Elvis was voted the Best Elvis Impersonator out of alllll the Elvis Impersonators in the universe at the Convention of Elvis Impersonators in Vegas. That says a lot, considering the guy doesn't speak a lick of English.

The following weekend I flew out to San Francisco to do another gig with the Industrial Jazz Group, this time at the Community Music Center in the Mission. Patty drove up from LA, and we met Mike and Mike (they live in SF) and the BMan Quartet was reunited for a weekend of frolicking and rockitude. We went out dancing until 7am, did some shopping on Valencia, went to the Pirate Store, scoped out the venue which Patty will be doing a reading of one of her short stories in Feburary, and of course we went to Philz Coffee to get some brew and Christmas gifts.

Once I returned to Delaware, it was Christmastime in full-swing, though admittedly it took me a while to get into it. I went to a bunch of Christmas parties, finished my shopping, avoided mistletoe, and got ready for the choir gigs we had lined up for Christmas Eve and New Years' Eve for First Night Wilmington. The Christmas Eve concert and service went really well, which again affirmed why I love singing with my choir. There are rumors of creating a Chancel Choir, which is a small ensemble to do one- or two-on-a-part stuff. I hope I get selected for it, because that would just rule the planet.

Christmas Day and Hanukkah Night was warm and fabulous, spent with my incredible family and special guest appearence by Matt. Nothing but warm cozy goodness, belly laughs and hugs... the way g-d intended family to be.

Considered blessings counted.