There are a few truths in the world for me:

1) I'm a pretty busy chick
2) I get overwhelmed very easily
3) When people expect me to do something, I usually don't want to do it, even though I would have been perfectly willing to do it before the obligation was placed on it
4) I'm not good about keeping in touch with people
5) Some people like to be kept in touch with
6) See number 3.
7) These two frames together look like a Di-Gel.

So!  With all that said, I've decided the easiest way for me to keep my loyal throngs updated as to my goings on, I figured I'd update one place, and then you could all refer to it as neccesary.

I know, it's a cop-out.  And it doesn't take the place of a well-written personal email.  Completely acknowledged.  I'm a crappy email friend.

Click on a date to the left, and read the update that follows.  I can't promise it will be particularly enlightening or insightful, but I haven't been very enlightening or insightful lately anyway.

Thanks for stopping by!

Oh, and if you want slightly more Jill than this site offers, I've got a LiveJournal, too. Admittedly, the public posts aren't all that exciting, but drop me a line if you have an LJ account and I'll add you to my friends list.