Greetings, stalker!

You probably stumbled onto this page wondering what I've been up to since the last time we saw each other. Maybe that was high school, perhaps college. Maybe we chatted on the plane.

So congratulations, you found me. If you're like 51% of all netizens, you probably got here via Google. How did we survive before Google? I shudder to recall.

So! What I've been up to... Right! That's why you're here....   The quickest bio I can muster goes something like this:

I graduated Montclair State U in 1996 (took my time) and immediately moved to Arizona on a whim, and I stayed there for 4 years. I worked various I.T. jobs and sang with a bunch of groups ranging from pre-Renaissance music with some transplanted college buddies of mine to studio experimental insanity with Andrew Durkin.

I moved back east in 1999 and settled in Delaware at my best friend's prodding. I'm still in that teeny state today, though I'm not entirely sure why; I have a love/hate relationship with it. Since moving back east, I've paid the bills by working in I.T., and for a while I was teaching voice privately, which I loved. I did some theater locally, but haven't done any since about 2005.

From 2002-2005, I ran a coffeehouse for local musicians called Knappuccino's Coffeehouse, located in Wilmington, DE. It was awesome, but I got tired of doing it so I shut it down. It was a sad day, but I figured I should quit while I was ahead.

Nowadays I spend 90% of my life (literally) flying around the country, splitting my time teaching/consulting for an IT firm, and singing/bouncing for the LA-based 15-piece kick-ass band The Industrial Jazz Group. The IJG is neaded up by my 20+ year musical partner and inspiration Andrew Durkin, whom you might remember either from HP, or the various bands we were in together (Brooklyn Ferry, The Evelyn Situation, Jay's Booming Hat, etc.) I'm very lucky to have found a job that gives me the flexibility to put the band first; I feel this is as close to living the rockstar dream as is realistic. :-)

The band is doing really well, and it rocks my socks. 2007 was a year of many tours, hitting places like New York, Philadelphia, Seattle, Portland, Worcester (MA), Bakersfield (CA), San Diego, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, The Hague, the midwest, etc. etc. I can't believe that people pay us (especially given our size) to travel and play. It's an honor to get to live this life.

I play in some local bands too. First and foremost is Hot Breakfast!, which consists of me and Matt Casarino. We're an acoustic power-duo playing everything from Matt's originals to creative interpretations of 80s tunes. That band (if you can call a two-person thing a "band") brings me an illegal amount of joy. I also am a member of a group of musicians loosely referred to as "the.COMPANY" (I don't understand the punctuation or capitalization either, so don't ask), all headed by Joe Trainor. We get together for various projects, most notably to do a live version of Pink Floyd's The Wall, and also to do Abbey Road. I'm also a voice teacher, and I love teaching people to sing better. No, I'm not married, and I don't have kids. This is by design. Matt is my partner in crime-- you should meet him, because you'd like him; he's a likeable guy. Neither of us want to have kids, so we don't feel any great need/pressure to go broke on a wedding that would only force our friends to wear uncomfortable shoes for an evening.

I am blessed with a terrific family and the best network of friends, good health and a big smile. My life is beautiful, and if you're looking me up, I suspect you, knowingly or unknowingly, have had something to do with it. Thank you, very sincerely.

With all that said, you can do one of two things. You can accept that blurb above as the life update you were seeking, or you can dig more. For those looking to dig, you should know that I keep two separate blogs.

My first blog is here on this here website. Click here to enter it... though you should know I stopped updating it reliably in 2006.

My second blog, which is updated much more frequently, is over at Live Journal. If you have a LiveJournal account, let me know and we'll see about me friending you so you can read my locked posts. If you don't have a LiveJournal account, then you'll only be able to see the public posts over there, which aren't particularly interesting.

So, those are your options.

Thanks for stopping by!