Arden Concert Gild presents...

Pink Floyd's THE WALL

the.COMPANY brings their electrifying show back for one final weekend!
September 24 - 25, 2010; 7pm.   Don't miss your last chance to help us tear down The Wall!

Tickets are on sale NOW: To order, visit Brown Paper Tickets and order 'em up. Tickets are $20.

Directed by Joe Trainor, the.COMPANY presents one of rock's classic albums, Pink Floyd's The Wall, live and in its entirety. Lingering somewhere between 'stage-play' and 'rock-show' while still remaining true to the original album's sound and feel, Trainor and his 10-piece band's fresh and electrifying show should not be missed!

Collage from past performances of The Wall
Photos by Rick Neidig


L to R: Steve Kuzminski - Ben E. King - Kevin Niemi - Steven Weatherman - Chuck Kuzminski - Genevieve Van-Catledge - Joe Trainor - Joe Testa - Matt Casarino - Jill Knapp - Shawn Trainor

Who's Who in the.COMPANY:

  • Joe Trainor - voice, piano, direction, cool hair
  • Joe "Spherz" Testa - guitar, voice, rocking
  • Chuck Kuzminski - rhythm guitar, always surprising snarky comments
  • Steve Kuzminski - keyboards, 16-minute increment clock watcher
  • Kevin Niemi - bass, goatse enthusiast
  • Ben E. King - drums, wayward traveler, cute redhead
  • Shawn Trainor - voice, echo chamber, cute redhead #2
  • Jill Knapp - voice, auxillary bass, dorkitude
  • Matt Casarino - voice, sax, guns smuggler, babe magnet
  • Genevieve Van-Catledge - voice, lingerie consultant
  • Steven Weatherman - voice, final consonant conducting

    Click here for pix from the August 2004 show (Photos by Rick Neidig)
    Click here for the promo photoshoot pix. (Photos by Rick Neidig)
    Photos from a really spastic rehearsal in Studio 2 at the Grand Opera House. (Photos by Jeremy Moskowitz)
    Click here for pictures of the load-in from 8/2004. (Photos by whomever had a camera.)
    Pictures from the August / September 2005 rehearsals, and the September 30 / October 1, 2005 show at the Everett Theater in Middletown. (Photos by Jill, and the folks who stole her camera.)