One of the Many Reasons

It makes me absolutely crazy that AOL, which (no offense) is geared for morons, offers no simple clear instructions for cancelling your subscription. Earlier today I was reviewing my Visa statement online, when I noticed that AOL charged me twice ($21.95 x 2) for using their service, when I had installed it and then immediately uninstalled it. Admittedly, I forgot to physically cancel it, but that wasn't what I was upset about.

Of course I understand that uninstalling does not equal cancellation. HOWEVER, how can I cancel my subscription if the software has been uninstalled? I spent 30 minutes searching AOL's website for a simple way to cancel my account, but I couldn't seem to find any instruction.

I'm trying to figure out if it's a brilliant marketing ploy or or just really devious business making this information so difficult to find, so users will get charged $21.95 per month ad infinitum.

With this in mind, I was now on a mission to figure out how to cancel my subscription. Oh yes. I would not rest until my mission was completed. I went to AOL's home page again, and this time logged in to the AOL website with my account (hey, I was still paying for it, so why not?), thinking that perhaps logged-in users might be privvy to the Top Seekrit Cancellation Information (TM). Would make sense, right? Nope. Not there.

So I did a search using the search feature on the main page, but alas, while I was returned many hits, nothing told me how to simply cancel my subscription. I don't get it. I've worked in e-Business for over 7 years (including web development), and I can't believe someone with my (assumed) intelligence and experience can't figure out how to unsubscribe from something touted as being so simple, and, no offense, geared for someone like my mom, who freely admits to having the PC skills of a marmoset.

The thing that made my mission all the more entertaining was seeing the fruitless searches of other frustrated users, too: After typing in your search string, you're shown "Related Hot Searches" which are recent and/or common searches entered by others which used similar keywords. And you know what? When I choose any of those searches, I still get nothing.

Check it out: I did a search for "Cancel AOL." I was returned the following:

"Related Hot Searches"

These are desperate searches by desparate people. And by clicking any of these, you get results like, "Boston's Cancelled Highways" or "Cancell Cancer Treatment" or "WWWF Ground Zero: AOL vs. Al Gore." Very helpful.

The only thing that yielded *something* promising-looking, was naturally, unavailable. (

Devious! Devious, I tell you!!

Anyhoo, to make a long story short, here's how you cancel your stupid AOL subscription: You call the number on your credit card bill that appears next to the charge. They'll cancel you in mere moments.

Good luck, and get a real ISP, would ya?

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